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Hananeel Band

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1 Hananeel Band on Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:51 pm

Six guys from the Indianpolis area. A jazz/funk fusion group called"
"Hananeel Band." "Hananeel" by short definition means "God is gracious"
but is more indephtly connected with these passages:

God has graciously given, a tower in the wall of Jerusalem
(Neh. 3:1; 12:39). It is mentioned also in Jer. 31:38; Zech. 14:10.

Haven't heard any gospel from them but these six artists are VERY
creative and work extremely well with one another to form a cohesive,
musical unit. I am definitely a fan! Check em out here and be sure to
listen to their music audio clips they have available.

My three favorites here are:

No more walls

Good morning

Intro Jazz.

But I think they're ALL good.


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