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John McLaughlin Now Here This new CD Utter Bliss

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John McLaughlin   Now Here This    new CD    Utter Bliss 35539112_500x500_1

Buy on the Abstract Logix Site

Riff Raff
Echoes From Then
Call & Answer
Not Here Not There
Guitar Love
Take It Or Leave It

8 Jazz Rock Fusion tracks (50mins Total Time)

"It has been nearly two years since world-renowned
guitarist John McLaughlin released 'To the One', his highly acclaimed,
first studio recording, with The 4th Dimension.
The veteran guitar aficionado celebrates his 70th birthday year
with the release of 'To the One' as he ups-the-ante even further
with greater fire, finesse and freewheeling interplay"

John McLaughlin - Guitar, Guitar-Synth
Gary Husband - Acoustic Piano , Synthesizers , Drums
Ranjit Barot - Drums
Etienne M' Bappe - Electric Bass, Fretless Bass.

No Breakdown of track listings so we do not know
when Gary is on Drums or Co -Drums.

I miss the Old Days
when all Data was printed.

New Drummer and Bass Player
are Top Level
Infact I may put this CD and the last CD on one 90Mins TDK CD
for my own use only.

The Energy in John's playing
is Utter Bliss

this CD is out in Japan on a SHM CD
(Super High Material)
But costs alot more as they are Limited Editions.

10 Outta 10



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70 years old. Whew. Where have the decades gone?

View user profile http://drumsinhisheart.weebly.com
I'll tell you what, it seems John has taken
very good care of himself. Looks darn good!

If the hair was a little shorter and black, he'd
look nearly as he did some 40 years ago!

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It's an excellent album. I got the limited edition advance package which gave you the CD, and advance download of the album so I had it two weeks ago - a 2 LP vinyl pressing of the albums on 180 gram vinyl, and a hand-signed photo of John.

I think the music is superb, as is the band . Hopefully, they will tour here - they are now on tour in Europe.

Just got my electic power back after the storm hit. Been 4 days without. Nice to be back, but there are alot of people still hurting out there.

Peace, TED

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Never saw anyone play bass with gloves on.

Gary Husband has some major talent. I am the biggest frustrated non-keyboard player on earth.

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Great Video
shows the power of that band.



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