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Wealthiest Drummers?

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1 Wealthiest Drummers? on Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:33 pm

I just noticed this list at Drummerworld? It didn't copy and paste correctly so I numbered it.

1.Ringo Starr:
2.Phil Collins:
3.Dave Grohl:
4.Don Henley:
5.Lars Ulrich:
6.Charlie Watts:
7.Larry Mullen Jr.:
8.Roger Taylor:
9.Joey Kramer:
10.Chad Smith:
11.Travis Barker:
12.Stewart Copeland:
13.Alex Van Halen:
14.Nick Mason:
15.Tommy Lee:
16.Bill Ward:
17.Jon Fishman:
18.Carter Beauford:
19.Rick Allen:
20.Tre Cool:
21.Danny Carey:
22.Tico Torres:
23.Max Weinberg:
24.Mickey Hart:
25.Bill Kreutzmann:
26.Neil Peart:
27.Taylor Hawkins:
29.Steven Adler:
30.Mick Fleetwood:

1-$300 Million
2-$250 Million
3-$225 Million
4-$200 Million
5-$175 Million
6-$160 Million
7-$150 Million
8-$105 Million
9-$100 Million
10-$90 Million
11-$85 Million
12-$80 Million
13-$75 Million
14-$75 Million
15-$70 Million
16-$65 Million
17-$60 Million
18-$55 Million
19-$50 Million
20-$45 Million
21-$40 Million
22-$40 Million
23-$35 Million
24-$30 Million
25-$25 Million
26-$22 Million
27-$20 Million
28-$16 Million
29-$15 Million
30-$8.5 Million

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