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Spectrum 40 sound check at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center.

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Sorry for the video quality guys. I used my Q3
Zoom audio/video digital recorder. Great audio,
sub par video. I plan to upgrade to the HD 1080p
model soon.

In the meantime, enjoy!

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Verrrrrrrrrrry cool.



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The video is not that bad at all. The sound on the other hand is incredible. Those little things are astounding. I've only used mine for drum stuff I do.

The fidelity and balance on that vid is really stunning, all things considered.

Band sounds really good.

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Thanks, Asaph. But this is really the one to have.
The video quality on it puts the one I have to shame.


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Oh sure, HD is much better, and the prices keep dropping, but for the money the Q3 is a pretty amazing little tool.

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It is.... I really enjoy it. It's what I shot all those
videos of me playing the different beat patterns
in my garage on. Its a cool thing to have. I am
a bit puzzled though as to why they would make
a unit with such pristine audio, yet produce such
a poor video application by comparison?

Oh well, at least the HD version is out now.

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As I recall it was a consistent request thing from consumers. So Zoom acknowledged it by adding video, but never intended it to be all that good. Requests kept building for good picture quality and Zoom took it to the next level.

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