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2on1CD Gene Page 1978 and 1980 with Ed Greene on Drums

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Gene Page a Legend
Top Arranger.

Used the best session Drummer
Ed Greene.

Bass : Wilton Felder , Scott Edwards and Eddie Watkins

Keyboards : Gene Page , Sylvester Rivers, Sonny Burke ,
Solos (1978) : Greg Phillanganes , Mike Boddicker.

Guitars: David T.Walker , RayParker Jr. , Paul Jackson Jr.,
Wah Wah Watson, Tim May, Emmet North, Tommy Tedesco
Thom Rotella, Charles Fearing.

Percussion : Jack Ashford, Paulinho Da Costa , Eddie Bongo Brown
Gary Coleman , Ollie E. Brown.

Singers : Merry Clayton, Phylis St.James , Charmane Sylvers
Jim Gilstrap , Sylvia Cox , Carla Vaughn , Yvonne hill
Alex Brown, Jackye Gerrard, Zebra Turnburgh, John Lehman

Horns : Ernie Watts, Darren Carmichael, Allen McGrier, John Mitchell
Wayne Preston, John Thomas, Ed Myers.

Both Produced by Billy and Gene Page
Arranged and Conducted By Gene Page

"Put a Little Love In Your Lovin'
was Produced By Ray Parker Jr

His 2 Arista Solo LPs on 24Bit CD From Original Tapes
By FunkyTownGrooves Label.

10 Outta 10



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