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Cohesive playing.

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1 Cohesive playing. on Wed Mar 20, 2013 4:24 pm

Simple, yet powerfully effective. Two legendary
drummers playing together Clyde Stubblefield and
John "Jabbo" Starks. If you close your eyes you can
just about hear a single drummer only.

Get some of these young chops masters playing together
and see what they sound like....

Real legendary music makers here.

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2 Re: Cohesive playing. on Thu Mar 21, 2013 1:37 am

Two and that Four...

Here's another guy that's straight ahead when he needs to be inside he pocket. Always one of my faves Very Happy Drums may have been a bit hot but never the less Brown always nails it on the head.
Like that video thanks,

Here's another guy (Damien Schmit?) that plays it well, in the pocket... I wouldn't say the best funk drummer but if you can get pass those glasses he sounds like the real deal, further up the generation of course...Again, that Two and that Four layed down. Probably listening to the right folk Very Happy

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3 Re: Cohesive playing. on Thu Mar 21, 2013 7:07 am

I don't think the drums were mixed hot at all, rac.
That singer made me laugh. If your gonna sing
Stevie Wonder pieces in the original key, you better
be ready and able to bring it! Stevie's vocal range
is no joke and this guy lost it around 3:35 to 3:46.

He had me cracking up! lol!

Damian Schmitt is the stuff! That's good funk playin anyway
you slice it! The entire tune has a pop edge to it. That being
considered, the drumming was well played.

I posted stuff from him in the past.


Here's another one:


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4 Re: Cohesive playing. on Thu Mar 21, 2013 3:54 pm

Schmit knows his schools

Okay, here I (we) go guys...This is what I think. The man definitely has a solid foundational groove that grooves and there is no doubt making this an issue because it's a generally well established factor here. How did I come to that? Well, be well aware of the first segments of his soloing. Straight ahead two and four very much similar to a James Brown in-the-groove pattern. No doubt? And he does that for the sake of people like us...all about the music and grooving it. But as you know, this is a younger man, coming to us from a far different time zone and does what these guys do....a lot of stuff. But...again...."But," his "stuff-fluff", if I may put it that way, in some way sets him apart because of it's roots being founded in groove. The man could well do the drum show thing but he be far better off doing funk or fusion with a solid groove. In fact, he doesn't need going there and they would not be ready for him...at this point in time.

I also would have to agree with our fellow comrade here that what's referred to as the art of drumming has reached a pinnacle of what a human can ultimately do on a set of drums. Everything has been, or what can ever be humanly said on a drum kit. How much more can you take this except it enters into a subjective experience where it no longer connects with a general populace who appreciates advanced technique/feel to what's merely just a personal opinion. Times have changed folks, the exploration of technique and the demand for incorporating that technique also has transpired far from what it was 50 years ago. It's on these grounds that I rest my case...respectively of course.

In fact, I would further say that if those kids in the Drum competition thing really listen in to this young man, they may come out having a restructuring of their mindset as they approach drumming competitively. I would even further that thought by saying that I envision Schmit as being a prime example to revolutionizing the way young drummers think about being musicians vs being the fastest drummer in the country. Here, they can have both worlds except the fluff can have the possibility of actually transpiring into.... groove. Folks, these are the kids we need to appreciate and support as they begin to change the course of where drums have been heading. Would be good for them and pleasing for us...would you say? Now, by naming his video, 'Best Funk Drummer' is of no surprise with young ones having a cockiness about them...it's just been that way. I think they grow out it and someday laugh about in their later years.

So, in closing then, personally folks, I see this young man in the same caliber as the legend funk/fusion players "but" with a more contemporary approach that makes him likeable to both old and surely new schools of drumming. The old, if opened to the new, and I say this in respect....must agreeably comply. Thus I would say....I can live with it and even enjoy it. Again, the kid demonstratively knows his schools (new and old) Wink And that's how I ......slice it.

Hello, my name is Rac and I approve this message.


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