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YAMAHA DRUMS: What's the Frequency?

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1 YAMAHA DRUMS: What's the Frequency? on Thu Jun 06, 2013 9:51 am

It's interesting to note, most drum dealers are still in the dark about what is available from Yamaha Drums.
The Maple Custom Absolute series still has a death notice of June 30, 2013...also the Recording Custom and the
Oak Custom, ect.

It seems lack of communication from Yamaha still has many dealers not knowing what they can sell and what
is still available. Their web site has no information at all on the subject.
Only time will tell if the company recovers it's stable status with dealers and drum buyers.

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2 Yamaha and the future of it's drum line. on Mon Jun 10, 2013 5:38 pm

I am not in the loop but, I think that I can say for sure that there will be a YAMAHA professional drum set on the market to suit the tastes of the general public. It's common knowledge that we musicians are 'finicky' about the gear that they use in performance and I don't see it any other way so, 'some may like and some may not' but, that's the way of the world. YAMAHA will be there on the performance front lines as usual. It's all about regrouping and making a strong statement with the product that they choose to stand behind. Keep an eye out as the drums are not too far off shore from your local dealership as I write this little note.


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