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Interesting List: The 10 douchiest drummers of all time

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this is from the village Voice.  Pretty funny,  and true !  LOL


Peace,  TED

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Hi, Ted... Good to read you. Believe it or not, I was
thinking about you today and was going to send you
an email until I read this post.

As to Terry Bozzio I think the context in which he used
this monster kit on this particular night was overkill.
but I do have a video of him playing an entire drum
concert with this kit and he definitely makes it work.

As to Lars... Is that real?! I saw Metallica on TV do
a concert where they incorporated an orchestra and
they were smokin! Lars certainly wasn't playing like

I would think that video was a fake and village voice
took the bait and got punked in the process.

Meg White just plain sucked eggs!

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I don't think animal should be on the list , myself !bounce 

Peace, ted

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Putting Animal on the list IS silly. They miss the whole point.

The opening comments about Bozzio show ignorance of what Bozzio does. I doubt there is single element of Bozzio's set that goes unused in performance, either solo or in his bands. Here is a man who has impacted drumming in a major way - furthering independence. This is the last list he belongs on. He probably belongs in the top ten list of drummers impacting drumming in the latter 20th century. I suppose the same critics would charge various keyboardists for having too many on stage. May as well ask why any of them need 88 notes.

I may be wrong but even Meg White would not call herself a drummer, by comparison to anyone. Her brother just likes what she does, from what I have read. When I mentioned I was recording as a duo Mike Van Dyk mentioned I sould check out the Stripes. Definitely not my thing, but sheesh, they are playing all over the planet. Hard to believe if her drumming is that "painful" to watch tens of thoudans of people would watch them night after night.

Travis Barker. Saw him once on youtube. Kind of the mad thrasher sort of gig. Seeing he has literally legions of fans and some obvious business sense, once again the writers of this article seem to have an odd ax to grind.

Putting down Steve Moore is just ridiculous. Here's a guy who has inspired more people to do stick tricks than anyone in decades. He's a very good drummer, as drummers go. How can he be classified as a dbag? He comes up with something nobody else is doing and this gets him classified as a dbag? Methinks the editors of the VV are the actual dbags here.

Jealousy. Must be. Knocking Phil Collins for 80s music he entered into? It isn't as though he invented edrums and the cold machinery of 80s sound. He actually made it work for him and still makes things work. I'm sorry, this list is nonsense. The guy can't even play drums anymore because of shoulder problems. I must be missing something. Is this a list for April 1st or some other gag?

Seriously? Ulrich does not put on his own socks? Did he throw a disk that night?

Tommy Lee ... I'd have no argument. Sad soul looking for their way like everyone else, I suppose.

I think pet rocks are stupid. Yet they made how much money for the guy who came up with the idea? Half this list is made up of what American culture has done to people in general and what they seek and purchase and live with. These drummers are just products of our environment for the last 50 years. For the VV to attack anyone in this manner just shows how they are part of the same environment.

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Agreed... The thing about "White Stripes" that I think makes
them so consistent is they BOTH suck eggs... At least in this

I was never a Travis Barker fan but admittedly, I actually enjoyed
this solo. Travis just doin' his thang!

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6 Re: The 10 douchiest drummers of all time on Wed Sep 18, 2013 12:19 pm

Terry Bozzio is always misunderstood, he doesn't belong on that list.
People get intimidated by the size of his drum kit, that's the problem..but he can play on anything.

Get a copy of Zappa's movie "Baby Snakes", he has regular size double bass kit with 5 toms and he still plays
awesome. I went to one of his drum clinics in the mid 90's and he had haters there also that had the nerve to ask,
"what would you sound like on a 4 piece kit"..duh!! He handled it well and was very professional with his answers.

Meg White does belongs on that list, she isn't even a real drummer..it's done just for a joke, her brother Jack is doing
all the work...it's kind of a novelty act that appeals to 20 somethings that find some appeal to the brother and sister duo.

Phil Collins is one of the most talented drummers of the 20th Century, great drummer, songwriter and singer.

Whoever put that list together isn't really qualified, it's more for entertainment than fact.

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drumman wrote:

Meg White does belongs on that list, she isn't even a real drummer..it's done just for a joke, her brother Jack is doing
all the work...it's kind of a novelty act that appeals to 20 somethings that find some appeal to the brother and sister duo.

"with her former husband Jack White with whom she was married from 1996 to 2000. The pair were divorced before the White Stripes broke through to international fame" wikipedia

terry had that big hair thing going on for awhile but i have total respect for him. I don't care what size drumset he plays. if he can afford to move them around more power to him.

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8 Re: The 10 douchiest drummers of all time on Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:43 pm

Kenny, that would be incest, they are brother and sister..Lol.

You must have looked up some wrong info, Jack and Meg were not married.

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However, the Detroit Free Press produced copies of both a marriage license and divorce certificate, confirming Jack and Meg's history as a married couple. Meg White worked as a bartender at Memphis Smoke, a bar in downtown Royal Oak (a Detroit suburb), where she first met Jack, then still known under his original surname 'Gillis'. They were married on September 21, 1996 and were divorced on March 24, 2000. Jack took her last name.

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10 Re: The 10 douchiest drummers of all time on Sun Sep 22, 2013 9:05 pm

Kenny, that is totally ridiculous, I didn't realize that, why did they lie and say they were
brother and sister? Totally weird, what will they think of next...Lol.

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