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Top Latin and Jazz Drummer Steve Berrios has passed

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25th of July
Aged  68
Steve has sadly Died

Willie Bobo used Steve a great deal.

He also worked with Grover Washington Jr.


In 2003

[Mr. Berrios was born in Manhattan on Feb. 24, 1945,
soon after his parents arrived in New York
from Puerto Rico. He started learning to play
the trumpet in junior high, but found his
father’s drum set a better fit. ]

[A horn player can take a break.
A drummer never leaves.
“We’re like royalty,” he said. ]

A great drummer
on many records/CD's.

He will be missed.



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Another "warrior' down.................Sad But we keep the torch burning as a reflection of his support for the musical platform that we all contribute to.
He will be missed.


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Crying or Very sad 


To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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