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Billy, Spectrum 40, Catching Up with Life and Times

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Maybe you missed you call as a journalist, Pete, as you have a gift for words and how to express your feelings.
Good luck with your surgery today and know that everyone here on Billys site hope only the best for you, my friend.

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Glad you had a wonderful time with B.C. and company, Pete.

Now you have to get well!!! Love and prayers are with you.
Please let us know how things are progressing as soon as you

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I am alive to tell, so far and here
is the summary:

Approval for surgery tests were
administered last Tuesday and I
had the all-clear but on analysis
and the very afternoon before
surgery, EKG was seen abnormal
and I was made to report to the
cardiologist immediately.  

There, three hours of stress tests
later, I was given approval, again,
for the surgery.  I have a minor
abnormality in the heart but the
two heart-scans were enough to
determine I could experience the
procedure.  My poor daughter
(who was taken out of school)
had to wait for me, the whole
time.  My wife was with my son
at a football (soccer) match,
out of communication.

The procedure was done at
NorthShore University Health-
system (formerly Evanston
Hospital).  I turns out all of
our hospitals in the Evanston-
Skokie are one gigantic system.  
It was actually at the top of the
hospital (Ambulatory) and very
convenient.  It was a fine team
that was assembled for me, that
morning.  There was a lot of
dialog and preparation, all very
prompt, easy-going and light.  
IV and wheeling to the operating
room - it was the last thing I
remember thinking to myself that
I was in science fiction movie.  

Then, I came back to conscious-
ness, audio-first and Judy was
beside me.  I felt for it but it was
gone - the area bandaged over.  
I was under the influence of the
medication.  After one hour in the
recovery and two more in a private
room, I decided that it would be
best to try and sleep at home
and the nurse and Judy took
me to the car and off we went.

If I try and stand and put weight
on that side, there is a lot of pain
yet.  Sitting up is painful along with
walking but it will be like this for a
number of days.  My throat is sore
from the aid placed in it.  That is
typical of surgeries under general.
I have been taking the prescribed
pain medication, sometimes more
and sometimes less.  I have my
laptop on the bedside updated
(I am trying to keep my mind off
the pathology that I will not have
until Tuesday).  I did set out not
to work for the 10-days that I was
told I was not to work.  I will see
about that.  I cannot shower but
have to sponge bath.  How fun.

After it all, I suppose it was the
best that it could have been except
my chest was shaved in spots for
the electrodes and they did not have
any miracle grow for it.

I will let you know when I know
about the pathology.  I hope it is OK.

Thanks, again for all your support-
prayers. You are the best.

bounce king


To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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So, all in all you are alright.........Right?Question Good! cheers I am thinking to send you some music from the tour but, maybe we should wait until you get the "All Clear"? It's (the music) not for the faint of heart...... and very intense stuff. Let me know what you think when you have a minute to think this through.
Stay strong, Pete.


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Good news, Pete. I hope the pathology tests comes back in your favor. Now is the time to rest and relax. Don't try to overdue it.

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Right here with you, Pete!

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Thank you for sharing Pete! And Be strong! Peace,Stef.

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Waiting with Great Expectation for Pete's positive prognosis.

Arrow Like a Star @ heaven

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Pathology not ready. Took a
look at wound. Large. Stitches.
So many. Can't be counted.
Bloody operation. Did not pop
out. Adhesion at fascia. Had
to remove some as a result.
Was able to cut around. Came
out all in one piece.

Large depression. Says it will fill in.
I will be surprised if it does. I will
have to see him again on Thursday.
Pathology may be done, then.



To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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My heart goes out to you, Pete. Just now reading this thread today. You will get through this and likely stronger for it. I especially liked reading what you said in the beginning about realizing what was influencing your health a year and a half ago. There are lots of effective ways of "life changing," as you put it and I'd be so honored to have that conversation with you and share/trade info. You're the heart and soul of this forum going back to 1999 when I first discovered it . . . and the reason I decided to participate and stick around. We all have a lot of stickin' around to do . . .

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Woofus, you sure said a mouth full...............Smile 

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That is very kind of you, Woof.

I am still waiting. Called earlier
but not in, yet. Hoping for the
results, tomorrow.

We're here for one reason and
he is Boomer. Not just a drummer
but the point of light for us and
not just on the drums.

So much water under the bridge.
Hard to know where it began and
where it will end but it's been
great getting to know everyone,
here and so many bonuses and
Gary, in particular, comes to mind.

There is upside. Heart scans and
other tests were affirming in many
ways. From that perspective, the
numbers are on my side.

Here, at home: it's a another thing
for the family - especially my wife,
to process. It's hard and that does
not help me, unfortunately but I
don't give up easy.

When I know, I will let you know
and I will keep your 'positive' with
me - by my side.


To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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I check this thread daily, Pete. Thoughts and earnest prayers

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It's going to turn out, okay, Pete.


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The pathology came in, late, last
night.  Well, not the best news.  

It is called pleomorphic sarcoma -
a soft tissue cancer.  At the least,
I will be back in surgery for more
tissue removal.    

At the end, it was growing much
more rapidly.  The next step is The
Kellogg Cancer Center for scans.  
We need to be sure about where
this is and if it has spread.  If it
hasn't, that other surgery will take
place in the area where it touched
the fascia/muscle and this will be

There will be a local therapy in that
case to follow, such as radiation
perhaps.  We need the scans and
they are getting onto this right
away.  That information is what
we need, now.  

The doctor reassured us that this
is survivable and on that, we'll rely,
with God's blessing.

Thanks for your prayers/wishes.

Onto the next step.  Let's see.

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To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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Take one day at a time, Pete. They can do wonders nowadays in the treatment of cancer. Hopefully you've caught it soon enough so that your treatment will be effective.
Hang in there buddy and know that all of your friends are rooting for you and only wish you the best of what life has to offer.

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Thanks, guys.

I will try and look/update, as much
as possible but keeping it straight
and narrow, too.

Key word is 'survivable'.

Immediate goal is more data. We
are on the scans and everything
related, today. When this is done
and the data collected, we'll know
what we are going after in the
surgery that is to come.

Thanks/best to all of you.

I plan on keeping this mustache.


To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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Hang in there, Pete. You're moving in the right direction so stay the course. Woody is right.


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Throughout my life I have always been blessed with very good health.
And even though I have spent some time in the hospital (I'm an asthmatic),
I have always seen my situation as fortunate because we have never failed
to get and keep my condition under control for the most part.  My illness was
always easy for me mentally and emotionally in that the outcome was pretty
much predictable:  You have that, we'll do this, it'll control that, problem

That being said I want you to know that I truly appreciate and understand
the fact that I cannot possibly have any idea what you must be going through
right now.  The unsureness, the wondering and the sleepless nights of contemplation.

I will only continue to urge you to trust in the Lord. For you are in His hands.
We are here, we are praying daily!  May God deliver you, mind, body and soul.

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Thank you, all.

Today has been not so good
for pain.  I am not sure why,
though I doubt that having
to wait until Monday for the
next scan has anything good
in its influence.

Just a note on phone calls:

Should you care to leave a
message, please do not use
the word cancer in the con-
versation.  The children do
not know.

Thanks, again and I will post,
when there is any change in
the plan.



To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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Gotcha' Pete.


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For reasons well beyond this forum , I have been in prayer for you (and your family) since first hearing of your personal challenge.

The curious thing about ‘challenge’ is that it incites courage, and courage requires faith. Since I’ve come to know you since 2002, you have demonstrated all three – being the person you ARE. Sought to phone only intermittently… as Boomer said, “Gotcha!”

This is just what we do, regardless of circumstances. You are my Brother Pete… and you are Covered toward the relief and recovery you deserve - and everyone desires on your behalf.

No phone calls from me at the moment… and know I respect your request for discretion.

Today is Monday, October 21, 2013. May Today bring remedy to every infirmity, in the Name of Jesus.

Blessed is the person who not offended by that proclamation and Providence.

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Thanks, again, all.

I am going to write down the necessaries.

The pathology has brought us to this point.  
We must locate to the very best of our ability
the exact location(s) of the sarcoma (soft-
tissue cancer).  We will do this with certain

The first will be a post-operative MRI.  This
very effective test will be followed up with a
C-scan (CAT scan) - another very effective
test.  With a determination from these tests
that the cancer is very localized, though we
can not be absolutely 100% certain of this,
we will move along the line of the first scenario,
which leads towards another more extensive
surgery.  After that first scenario surgery,
there will very likely be radiation therapy and
reconstructive surgery, though it is possible
that it take place at once.

All of it including the recovery would be over
a period of few weeks.  It is a Stage 3 cancer,
at this time.  We are playing are playing on this
ball-field and playing to win.

Wednesday sees the MRI and C-Scan tests.  
The team of doctors will meet on Thursday
to solidify the strategy and then, we'll do it
and likely next week.

I have a question about where that added
tissue will be coming from but we're pretty
much set on the general plan.

I will update you as I can.  I will fight, never
giving up.  Again, these tests are crucial in
determining the immediate future. That is
the focus, right now.

Hope to add, later, tonight or tomorrow
and again, thanks, everyone.


To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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Thanks for the update Pete...

You're not only in our thoughts, but in prayers offered by many here, there or anywhere.

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