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Billy, Spectrum 40, Catching Up with Life and Times

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PEACE, TED Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy 

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Let me first say that Glory be to God in the highest.

I cannot say at all why the Lord takes us through
some of the things that he does rather than just
eliminating the problem altogether, but the really
important thing to note is that he took you THROUGH!
And that means He carried you every step of the way.

He has His reasons for allowing the things he does
and we must trust that they are always perfect and
right and the reasons behind them are always for OUR
greater good and not His.

I encourage you, Pete to seek His face and find out who
He is truly, and learn what great and mighty things He
wishes to show you. He IS surely a miracle worker!!

May God continue to bless you and all of yours, Pete.
My prayers have been answered to my liking through
his unmerited favor.

The Lord is good all the time. king 

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Now that sure does beat the positive performance I had last night at New Morning by ten fold. Great news!!!!!!!! Now be as stress free as you can and gain back your strength, Pete. I knew that you would pull through……………..!
Boomer Rolling Eyes cheers

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Hello Pete,I'm happy for you,this is a good news!!!
Billy i could not go to the New Morning last night but i'll try to see you at Courbevoie.Peace,Stef.

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OK, Steph.

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Last night was the worst.
There was no sleep and
no horizon. All I could do
was hold onto the bedpost
and weep. It felt like a
furnace monster had its
mouthful of me. Before I
knew it, they were all awake
and holding me. The children
are not used to seeing their
father weeping in pain.

In contrast, however, today:
I feel better than I have since
the first operation. I am too
familiar with the saying:

"It's always darkest before dawn."

Let it be so.  This is the first
time my body has felt progress
since the second surgery. It
is a turn for the better.

Thank you, my friends.


To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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Hang on Pete! You are going to make it!


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Our hearts are with you, Pete.

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It's been a while since the
last update.  Went to hospital,
today and here is where it all
lies, for now:

Since the last update, I removed
the blood-drain, not able to stand
the related pain any more.  That
was the first night I slept in a
month.  I felt the pain from the
muscle which was cut into quite
a bit, during this time.  I had
medications that helped but any
weight on that side rang a bell,
let me tell you.  All the while, I
had the stitches and tight.  It
was hard move the leg without
straining those stitches.  I admit
pushing a little but it did not take
that much to aggravate and this
past weekend, later yesterday:
a bend of the leg and a consider-
able bleeding took place prompting
today's visit.

I was worried that a new pain near
the gland in the area was a harbinger
of things to come but my visit to
the hospital and surgeon, today,
has relieved me greatly.  The
bleeding that I have been exper-
iencing just recently has to do
with the blood drain having come
out a little before schedule.  Rather
than draining that blood; it was
collecting inside and THIS is what
was causing that new pain.

He removed the stitches and that
relieved me greatly but before I left,
the area that bled had to be explored
and he did, sticking a swab rather
deep into the wound looking for old
blood.  This wasn't painless.  He
inserted what seemed to be a ton
of tape gauze in there for more
collecting.  I am to show up tomor-
row for the removal of and possibly
the re-insertion of more tape-gauze
to soak up residual blood and fluid.

Yeah.  A little pain in that but without
the stitches, my gate has improved.  
I have better mobility and there is less
pain in that gland that naturally was
inflamed and not only because of the
blood but the fact that a major incision
was made very nearby.  He was quite
positive and encouraged to get the move
on and that is what I am going to do.

There have many people that have
been helping us during this time.  We
have had many dinners made for the
family to lighten our load.  Everyone
has been praying for us and encour-
aging me all this time.  I can only say
thank you heart-fully.  Of course, the
adventure is not over.  The wound has
not healed yet and the radiation that
will take place has to wait until the
wound is totally healed.  Still, this
is a threshold in my recovery and I
feel empowered, with the under-
standing of my present condition
and we say onwards.

When the next significant thing happens,
I will you know but I have a great deal to
do in order to catch a bullet-train that
has my left my station.

I have been blessed.

Again, thanks and love,



To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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Well Done Pete

Keep on Keepin' On Pete



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Much love, Pete.... Keep at it!

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Back at hospital, today. Again,
had removed tape gauze from
yesterday, myself, in the shower.
It was consistent with blood
throughout and so I thought for
certain we would be repeating
the process but pleasantly sur-
prised I was to see that he ap-
proved of the amount of old fluid
which it contained. He has asked
me to focus on only the lower
part of the wound, now. In his
opinion, it is healing and will close
on its own, with just the regular
daily cleansing and bandaging.
He gave a few more ideas on
bandaging which I made a note
of, too. Incidentally, he asked
me to drop off the narcotics and
I have done so.

And so, this chapter in my recovery
can finally draw nearer to close.
I am so thankful to have had Dr.
Boffa recommended and then
surpass my every expectation. I
will be seeing him in a week and
we will be keeping an eye on
things and on to the next.

Love, to all and again, thanks.


To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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That's good news Pete! You're on the mend! Cool Cool 

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Hang tough Pete!

Boomer sunny

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I am at it.

Still bleeding.  Wound almost closed
but have three spots.  Surgeon says
they will close on their own.  Who am
I to question?  He's done this thousands
of times. He got me here, so I figure he
will get me there (where I can sit down)
and be able to do activities, like driving,
or playing the kit, at a higher heart rate.
It's like one of those Pacman things took
a chomp out of me - the away it is de-
pressed, there but he says it will fill in.
Go figure. I have to trust in that, too.

What an ordeal but I really have to give
thanks, as the tumor was almost entirely
encased in fat excepting that one little
contact, with my muscle, which I paid
for in pain.  They'd not seen anything
like it.  I am trying to get photos of
the tumor, when pathologist had it.

I want to thank all of you for taking
me into your thoughts and prayers.

There are no guarantees in life but
for the one that allows change to
take and mold us.  I tell myself that
there is meaning in everything and
here is my chance to walk that talk
yet again.

I will be in touch and again, thanks
and especially to Boomer.

I love you


To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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You're going through an anatomical war. Wonderful to see the battle is almost over.

Peace of heart and mind to you, Pete.

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Again, thanks, everyone.

I am inching along. Wound still open in
two spots. Still trying to close. I feel a
bit stronger. I can almost sit on the bed
but admit leaning left. I am standing longer
and trying to get through a day's work. I
have to take breaks frequently, though.
Bleeding but brighter color. I am keeping
up, with it. Finally able to sleep on side,
which is great for me. It has been so long.

Our Christmas Holidays in NYC have to be
cancelled, unfortunately. I'm really sad
about that but it is what it is.

I will try and keep the updates on.

Thanks, again, so much.



To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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thanks for keeping us updated. Oh man i cannot even imagine what this is like. keep that fine balance not much not too little. don't over do it don't let it get weak. time heals everything

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Keep it up Pete ! We're with you man !

Peace, TED

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Well, just back from hospital.
Surgeon says I look great and
is very pleased. Very little fluid
and hardly any blood. He likes
the surrounding tissues. Week
4 of a planned 6-week, first
stage recovery.

I am stronger, though sore
pushing myself to avoid atrophy.
I am more flexible and better
able to sleep and dream.

With Thanksgiving coming, I
am reminded just how fortunate
I am.

Thank all of you. Blessed holidays.



To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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Great news Pete! Now, the Bulls need help at Point Guard………………..OK, just joking heh, heh. Basketball

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It's like the boy is cursed.
Hard to make sense of it.

How about Baseball's Hall
of Fame voting?  The game
has been ruined, though
Maddux and Glavine will
get in.  Such a shame.

These days, it's all about
futbol (Champions League
and World Cup), for me.

Special thanks to you, my
dear Boomer.  Please say
hi to the gang and tell them
how much I appreciate all
they did and have done for
me.  I truly am thankful.


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To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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You got it Pete! I hope to get into Chicago in March, before I have to play New York. If this works, I'll in touch. Smile 

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You got it, Boomer!

Today, I actually sat on the drums
for about 3 minutes. It hurt but man,
it felt good!

I know I am coming along, now!



To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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