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SAM ASH Wedding Bands Epic Fail

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1 SAM ASH Wedding Bands Epic Fail on Fri Nov 22, 2013 11:13 am

How would you like to walk into a Sam Ash and be distracted by a barrage of Wedding Bands playing in the store?

I am not joking! My local Sam Ash showcases Wedding Bands every Thursday night in the middle of the store.
They have a display platform that resembles a stage in the middle of the store, and they threw a lighting truss
over the top of it and use it as a stage.

They set up a P.A. and have one Wedding band after another play short sets for about 10-15 people.

Imagine trying to look for gear while bad versions of Journey and Cyndi Lauper tunes are being played..loudly!
Anybody ever see the movie, "The Wedding Singer" with Adam Sandler, I felt like I stepped into the movie...Lol.

They have been doing this for months now, every Thursday night.
I can't figure this one out, have the corporate wars between them and Guitar Center made them lose their minds?..Lol.

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