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watch This if You Want To Get Depressed....

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1 watch This if You Want To Get Depressed.... on Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:10 pm

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I believe recent history has shown us some involved in such discussions (especially man-made global warming) tend to, if not go way over the top, predict catastrophes of unprecedented proportions. They did it with Mt St Helens, Chernobyl, etc., and we have found the Earth is pretty tough and rebounds. God made it that way. It can filter a lot of junk and keep kicking. What happens to humans ... well, depends on their immune systems and ability to fend off free radicals. Most people do not eat and drink thinking about anatomical health. They only think of their taste buds.

On the other hand Revelation 11:18 states God will destroy those who destroy the Earth. Apparently man's effect on the planet is an issue in the last days.

Are these signs of the times? I figure they are.

I do not find this depressing. I am thankful I do not live in Japan, and I'm hopeful Christ is returning soon to close up shop and call it a day on this crazy world.

Right now I'd be more concerned of being the victim of this insane "knock out game" spreading like wildfire, than whatever is happening in japan. Of course, I don't live on the West coast either. But I'm glad I haven't eaten sea food for 30 years.

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