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NAMM 2014 - Billy Cobham - TAMA 40th Anniversary Party

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2 Re: NAMM 2014 - Billy Cobham on Sat Feb 01, 2014 11:38 am

Nice video, does this mean Boomer is back with Tama Drums?

It would be strange if he wasn't, why would he be seen playing another competitor's drums?

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drumman, check you personal messages section.

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drumman, check you personal messages section.

Good question drumman....I sure would like a morsel of information on this as well. But if not, I understand.


Rac Wink

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Check your PM.

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Perhaps Tama asked Billy to contribute to the 40th anniversary party, seeing he was with them so long?

I know it's business and contracts and all, but man, it sure seems heavy if you can't sit at another company's instruments.

Big sound on those toms.

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