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2CD Deluxe Mike Oldfield 1983 with Simom Phillips on Tama

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2CD  set
the second CD has a live concert never been out before
Wembley Arena 22-July-1983
track 3 Crisis is 23:08  
Simon has a Great Solo on his Tama Drums and Octabans

Mike Oldfield -Guitars, Vocal
Maggie Reilly - Vocals
Anthony Glynne - Guitar
Simon Phillips - Tama Drums
Phil Spalding - Bass
Graham Pleeth - keyboards
Simon house - Violin
Peirre Moerlen - Percussion

The Manor Mobil recording Unit
2013 Mix : Ben  Wiseman & Mark Powell

Great Quality Sound

CD1 has 5 bonus tracks
including Moonlight   Shadow  (Unplugged Mix 2013 by Mike Oldfield)
Which is amazing.

On CD1
Mike is on Guitars , Keyboards,Piano,  Bass  and Synthes
Also    Maggie Reilly  - Vocals
Anthony Glynn  & Rick  Fenn  -Guitars
Simon Phillips - Tama Drums
Phil Spalding - Bass

10 Outta 10



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