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Simon Phillips...Smoke and Sparkles shoot out

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1 Simon Phillips...Smoke and Sparkles shoot out on Mon Sep 01, 2014 11:13 am

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Whether leading with the right or the left
it seems to make no difference to Simon.

I know of no other drummer who can play
from either side this way. And Simon makes
it look so easy! So clean and musical. He
certainly doesn't get the props he deserves.

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You can get the CD he was recording in the video at Cdbaby, with Steve Weingart & Renee Jones.
Simon plays on 7 of the 8 tracks.


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I listened to the sample tracks...  Sounds hip!

Funny thing though... the music has that flavor
of the Weckl days.

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Steve Weingart was the keyboard player in Dave Weckl's band for many years, that is where the sound comes from...lol.
Nothing really too ground breaking on this CD, just a chance to hear Simon's playing in a different context.

If you want to hear Simon playing some more avant garde music, just out his project with Anthony Jackson and Hiromi.
It can be a bit painful to listen to at times because some of the music is a little out in the weeds..so to speak.

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