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How to watch FoxNews with Drums playing in another box

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A Simon   Phillips  Drum Clinc
vs  Fox News live feed.

Just a min sample

It can be a crazy life



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My brain can't handle that..

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Daveonskins wrote:My brain can't handle that..

Is this better
Mahavishnu Live 1972   and todays Fox news live

I made sure the music level was above FoxNews Live feed
recorded on my iPod



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Fox News doesn't need to be watched so much as flushed.

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pLee wrote:Fox News doesn't need to be watched so much as flushed.

but I like to Laugh at them.

I think Bill  should do a Live Gig on their Morning set
as in the UK it gets played a great deal more on its own
as we have Fox Extra Clips on Sky TV  showing the CD first
then a Live gig most  of the time instead of UK ads.



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I agree with PLee..

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