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a Version of Red Baron

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1 a Version of Red Baron on Thu Sep 25, 2014 1:01 pm


Some young uns playing Red Baron . Pretty cool to see. A little fast on the tempo but they did a good job with it.

Peace, TED

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2 Re: a Version of Red Baron on Thu Sep 25, 2014 1:28 pm

Yes, Ted this has gone pretty viral.
I sent this to Billy via Facebook.

And the tempo is definitely pushing.
I think the drummer is pushing while
Billy says it's the guitar player.

What do you think?

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3 Re: a Version of Red Baron on Thu Sep 25, 2014 3:40 pm

I think it's the guitar player as he sets the original tempo and he's probably one of the kid's dads. But they maintain the tempo thru out which is good in that they don't break time. Pretty impressive for their ages either way.

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4 Re: a Version of Red Baron on Fri Sep 26, 2014 12:00 pm

Yes, the guitar player sets the tempo which is faster
than the original to begin with but when the drummer
comes in the tempo really takes off.  And if you listen
at the beginning for a few seconds and then move the
play tab toward the end,  The tune is flying.  The guitar
player starts the tempo and it's fast but the drummer
pushes it even faster. So they DO actually break tempo.

Either way, I'm not being overly critical.  There are
some who have been playing longer than this kid has
been alive and can't come close to doing the fine job
he did....  both he and the bass player.

I don't know if the guitar player is a kid or not since
he/she isn't in the video.

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5 Re: a Version of Red Baron on Sat Sep 27, 2014 11:49 am

Impressive, for sure!!

The tempo is like a horse.  You can
pull it in but that takes maturity.  

These kids are on the way, though!



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6 Re: a Version of Red Baron on Mon Sep 29, 2014 8:31 pm

Hey if it's funky they can play whatever tempo they want to! Those kids are hip!

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7 Re: a Version of Red Baron on Tue Sep 30, 2014 2:56 am

Play whatever tempo they want...  Sure!
I just figured the tempo you start with
might be the tempo you'd want to end with.

But hey, What do I know?! Rolling Eyes

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8 Re: a Version of Red Baron on Tue Sep 30, 2014 10:10 am

It wasn't that big a deal. He got a little excited he's eleven freakin years old.
The kid took it where he felt it .like step aside old man we got this. New generations tend to speed up their grandparent's music.
otherwise we'd still be playing , " go tell aunt Rosie that the old grey goose is dead".

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9 Re: a Version of Red Baron on Tue Sep 30, 2014 12:28 pm

LOL! Kenny, you'd argue that the earth was
square. You're consistent, I'll give you that!

I Know how old he is and it's not about that
but rather about your knee jerk comment
that they can play whatever tempo they like,
which had nothing to do with what I was talking
about either. But from where I sit, learning to
establish, lock in and hold a tempo is a VERY big
deal. Learn to develop GOOD habits now than
have to break bad ones later.

"The old grey goose is dead."..... Okaaaaayyyy...
maybe they should have played a newer tune
by a young, live, goose. Rolling Eyes

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