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A Kick up your pants!

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1 A Kick up your pants! on Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:53 pm

Hello everyone!

Been awhile lots happening (positive) things in my life, one being a missionary to foreign countries. Anyway, below is a picture of a device that I had a chance to play with last week. Some here may know what it is cause I don't. It was noted in a video interview with Lenny White that he frequently uses it live because he likes to 'feel' his bass drum. And he can be very articulating with his great BD pattern alternations.

When I first used it it felt a bit odd but in a few minutes I got use to it and think it helped bring awareness of my attack on the B.D.-in fact it enhanced my playing the BD.

If anyone, and I think there's someone there, that knows what on earth it is?  It's presence to me is quite intimidating at first but is a great device that enhances your feel while playing. I think I've got enough curiosity to research it and possibly make a decision to purchase one.


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2 A Kick up your......pants on Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:20 pm

The video site below (Bum Chum device), is what I thought it was, but NOT what I'm asking about. Although it may well be an enhanced version of it but it's not what you see in my original picture. The device I posted, I think, may be an earlier 'concept' of having your kick coming through your stool, causing you to feel your BD playing. The Bum Chum in this video noted blogs having negative responses, but that could be subjective of people that may or have not really tried it.

Again, if anyone have yet to know what this thing is, it would be great hearing more about it. But here's the video on the Bum Chum that is NOT what I'm referring in my topic here.



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