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TAMA goes Retro..brings back original Superstar Drums

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Interesting development for anyone who was a fan of Tama's Superstar drum line, offered by Tama from 1976-1986.

They look just like the old drums, but now they are maple and are called Superstar Classic, check it out....


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Yes, I owned a set just like that in your photo image and have been playing Tamas for well over 30 years. I'm glad there using maple on these because back when I had them they were more of a composite. They also had interior wooden hoops for durability purposes, but I felt did injustice to the tonal quality of the shells. But outside of that they were decent and durable drums.

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3 Re: TAMA goes Retro... on Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:08 pm

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They make such good drums and hardware. I have a birch Starclassic by them
that I just love. The Tamas and my white set of ddrums (Avatar) are my two
favorite sets.

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Great idea to bring them back
and with Billy.

I wonder if they will use the
Boomer to help more directly
with the re-promotion.



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