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Oxford-Harvard: Drummers are more Intelligent!

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1 Oxford-Harvard: Drummers are more Intelligent! on Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:34 am

Interesting. Read it for yourselves.   alien  alien  alien  alien  alien  alien  alien


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I have always believed that rhythm is built into each human by virtue of its beginnings. The first nine months it lives in a world of rhythm: mother's heart beat, her blood coursing through her veins, her lungs in action, even her digestive system functions in a rhythmic fashion. Then the baby hears its own heartbeat in tune with the mother's. It is the Creator's percussion ensemble.

People consistently say to me it must be good to get my aggressions out playing the drums. There is no aggression at all. There is rhythm. There is nature.

One of the greatest drum solos I had ever heard was Storm, from Crosswinds. Just a phenomenal exercise of rhythm and nature. Made a huge impact on me.

I believe using all four limbs, and thinking as drumists do, is a multi-tasking that would have to increase intelligence to a degree. Most musicians have to work their brains in areas of memory and foresight. I mean, communication was done on various percussion instruments in different cultures for ages. It takes intelligence to figure out a language to communicate.

It is nice to see another article on the influence of rhythm and drumming on human nature.

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I like that Asaph, there is no aggression but rhythm. Or maybe aggression could suggest another form of rhythmic motion, activated by organic activity, triggered by emotional, bio-chemical reactions. Interesting indeed. Thank you bounce

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