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Gary Husband, Drummin Man (a videoclip from 1977)

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Gary Husband was very talented already at an early age. On this videoclip with the Syd Lawrence Orchestra from 1977 Gary is only 16 years old. The drum solo starts at 2:20.

Gary Husband is also a unique musician in the sense that he is a virtuoso on both drums and keyboards. That’s rare.


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The first time I saw that I asked myself, Where did a 16 yr. old get that phrasing and power from? Seeing it today I ask it again. It's remarkable. His style is unique, even at that age. Some of it may come from the way he holds his sticks. Just jaw dropping for any age.

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I first heard Gary Husband on Allan Holdsworth’s album I.O.U from 1982. Gary’s powerful and energetic drumming sounded impressive and compelling on this recording. Evidently he could pull off these same things already at the age of 16. Truly remarkable.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Gary Husband live only once. This was with John McLaughlin’s 4th Dimension in 2012. It was interesting to see Gary Husband switching from keyboards to drums in the middle of a song and trading drum solos with the group’s regular drummer Ranjit Barot.

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Yes at 16
he was So Special then.
Working hard.

Thanks for posting Anders

Great Clip
Color 1977

Utter Bliss



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