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Rage - Doc Brown comedy video "Proper Tea" Rated 15

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This Man needs a proper band in the corner

this was a few years back
Nick Clegg - was the Leader of the LibDems party
after the Election his members got a Nasty Cull
he then resigned,

I hope this cheers up Gary Husband
who is Working so hard



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Funny guy. I watched some of his other routines.

A British, comedian, rapper. Can't say I have heard the equivalent over on this side of the pond; an American comedian rapper. Listening to Brown is the only rap I can take, that's for sure. Not into the obscenities. Never could understand why comedy brought that in. Never saw a need for it. He's just as funny without it.

I don't know how many British comedians there are or have been. I remember watching Marty Feldman. The guy put me in tears constantly. My father, too.

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Yes Marty
he just looked at the camera
and you could laugh
one of kind



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