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The Mysterious Drumstick, as if out of Thin Air!!!

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I think we've all, on occasion, accidentally either dropped or rumbled with a stick during performance. Going through Omar's Video once more, I noticed something almost miraculous happened. After doing an intense roll he loses control on his left stick and as if out of thin air, he quickly retrieves a stick! Check the video at point 8:34 and watch for a few more seconds and see if you can figure where Omar, with quick, cartoon-like movement, he retrieved his stick!! Amazing...Again, it seemed to happened mysteriously out of thin air!!

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I downloaded this clip to my computer and
slowed it WAY down to a frame by frame.

It only made things that much spookier!!! affraid

He drops the stick and his left hand goes up behind
a cymbal and when it comes down again there's a
stick in it!!! I have no idea where that stick came from!

This has really got me goin! Great eye spotting this, man.
I've seen this clip many times and never even realized he
had even dropped a stick!

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Isn't that a trip?! And so the mysterious drumstick continues. Wooooooo. Lol!

Two possibilities:
1) A spare stick tucked under his waist bag for those emergent moments?
2) He never really dropped it but rather quickly picked it off his lap?
The video may have had a nano second frame that was lost. That may have been the split second where the stick may have been rested on his lap. The immediate frame following it may have been the one that shows his hand retrieving it.

Thanks for the research.

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Rac, I considered #2 as well until I slowed it down to actual
picture frame... It very well might be the case but when
slowing it down it CLEARLY looked as if there was no stick
there as his hand went behind the cymbal. But we must
look at this logically as it's obvious he could not have pulled
a drum stick out of thin air.

I'm puzzled!

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I have, on my desktop, a wide 24" flat screen monitor, maxing the view which totally filled the screen. I stopped at every second going into each frame and you're right - there was no stick until after the hand passes the cymbal, then suddenly a stick appears.

For logic sake I would stay with a missing frame that's so subtle that the human eye can't detect. If not, then the question remains; where was this stick that so mysteriously appeared...out of thin air?!

This is getting spooky. Smile

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Ain't it though, Rac??!! Very spooky!

Here's the issue with the skipped frame theory however:

If the frame skipped, one of two things would have to happen:

1. You would see and hear both the video and audio skip.
In effect you would lose both a video and audio frame.

2. If the video skipped a frame it would then be out of sync with
the audio. Neither one of these ever happened.

What do you think?

Fear not, Rac and Don are on the case! scratch ... I think.

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Okay, after an intense review frame per frame I've come to a possible conclusion. Here it is;

He really didn't drop the stick but rather it slipped from his grip and slid back under his 'forearm' (not seen side) on the upstroke then coming down on the down stroke, it slide back down into his hand. It happened so quickly that it was chance that the stick was so positioned perpendicular to the side of his forearm. So on the down stroke the stick was already in position to be retrieved by his hand. Also, he used his left lap to stabilize the stick from falling to the ground, then griped it to continue playing.

In other words;

Take a close look and you will see the stick quickly slide back into his forearm on the 'upstroke' (gravitational pull).  The down stroke forces the stick back down (still hidden from view) onto his left lap, then wrestled-gripped it back into his hand.

And there you have it.

Thank you,

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I think you pretty much solved it. Rac.
I do see something a little different, however.
upon further study, to me it actually looked as
if he lost the stick on an up stroke and it went
went under his armpit or at least somewhere
between his body and upper arm. Because of
the cymbal, we couldn't see where the stick
was and when reached up and grabbed it from
behind the cymbal, you could really tell where it
came from.

Kudos on figuring this out, though.

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D, your current observation is plausible that the stick somehow got trapped under the arm pit; that's possible no doubt. I was hoping for others to join in to see their view on what may have happen to the mysterious drumstick. Maybe it's best that it didn't go on

It could've gotten so absurd as having the stick landing in his crack line then in some miraculous feat was retrieved by the hand. Lol!

No pun intended. I respect Omar a lot.

Thank you for checking this once-mysterious episode of what may have happen to the....Mysterious Drumstick.


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In any case, I think your observation makes logical sense.

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