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Live John Mclaughlin with Tony Smith on Drums video

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John  McLaughlin - Guitar
Stu Goldberg  - Arp and Keyboards
L.Shankar - Violin
Tony Smith  - Drums
Fernado Saunders on Bass.

I wish this Gig was on DVD
Tony Smith a Great Drummer  - I have liked so much
on the Jan Hammer  recordings

Utter Bliss



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I saw the Hammer tours with
Smith and he was very cool

Very Happy



To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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I love Tony Smith! His odd meter playing on
Jan Hammers "Oh yeah" album is among the
best drumming I've ever heard.

Also, I have a special affinity for singing drummers.
As by comparison there aren't a whole lot of them.
I love this song, which Tony plays and sings...
"One to one." He was the perfect artist for this

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