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New : Birds Of Fire Mahavishnu '73 , SACD Multi Channel

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Looks like they have taken the  Quad LP mix

Limited Edition : Aug 21st out

Utter Bliss

10 Outta 10



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I assume I am the only one with a SACD player
with Multi Channel.

Well its a Pioneer
that plays all
DVDAudio 7.1
SACD Multi Channel
DTS 5.1 CD's

Nowdays some Sony Blurays
also play Multi Channel SACD as well.



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It arrived today

Its 4.1

So 4 speakers
plus the Bass Speaker

DSD   transfer

Worth buying   It Also plays  on a normal CD player as well in DSD 24Bit   Quality
even if  you do not yet have a SACD player.
As Many New BluRay Players also Play SACD's Multi Channel  via HDMI out

So Lead Guitar  is on the front 2 speakers
So you can hear Billy Cobhams Drums more on the back 2 speakers
Intro to One Word Billys Snare is on all 4 speakers

On the intro to "Open Country Joy" one of Bills Floor Toms
comes up much louder on the Right side speaker on 4.1 sound
amazing Quadraphonic Mix on a SACD

10 Outta 10

Utter Bliss



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