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1976 Harvey Mason & Jan Hammer studio track : Drum solo

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Anthony Jackson on Bass
Jan Hammer on Moog
Harvey Mason on Drums and Solo.

This was his one Fusion track to his 2nd LP.

The Solo of his Rogers Drums Kit
shows us the tight sound he had
& special style of his own.

10 Outta 10

Utter Bliss



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So true, Colin! It is
really one of the great
tracks that had a huge
influence on me and
that I will never forget!




To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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Colin, thanks for posting this. I've never heard this before.
Harvey has always had a certain style that is noticeably
outside the norm for me. An approach that is all his own.

It seems to be among those concepts that are rarely if ever
emulated. A thing so unique in substance that you just don't
hear it being copied... Which makes what he does that much
more unique.

Harvey Mason... A true master indeed!

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Yes Colin!!!
An amazing track from a very good lp!Harvey is still one of my favorite,because of his unique style,far away from these "monsters" with their impressive chops and technique!One of the most recorded drummer...Peace,Stef.

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Yes, Harvey been one of my fave. I would think any drummer that was into early fusion (70s'-80) would've appreciated Harvey's incredible tightness and adaptability in any, I'll say it again, any musical environment. He was known as a chameleon, if I may, in the music industry, especially in studio work, due to his flexibility to play anything on the spot. I remember reading an article in Drummer's Magazine (70s') where he mentioned that he could play a track, in a particular genre, where you wouldn't know it was Harvey. He intentionally did that to demonstrate his skill in transitioning into varied styles of music. In fact, he was one of the most demanding studio drummers at the time. But when he was with someone like Herbie, you know that you know it was non other than the one and only Mason!

Thanks for bringing Harvey back to memory!

Here's one with Jetro Del Silva on keyboard.

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