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Frank Zappa’s Roxy tapes finally released on dvd

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Frank Zappa’s famous Roxy tapes, which have been sitting in the vaults since 1973, will be released on dvd on the 30th of October this year. We probably won’t get the entire footage, but most of it anyway. The dvd is 116 minutes long. This release has been in the works close to 15 years. The line-up is Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals), George Duke (keyboards, synthesizer, vocals), Bruce Fowler (trombone), Napoleon Murphy Brock (flute, tenor saxophone, vocals), Tom Fowler (bass guitar), Ralph Humphrey (drums), Chester Thompson (drums), and Ruth Underwood (percussion). This is the holy grail that Zappa fans have been waiting decades for...



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Yes George Duke
and 2 Drummers

Should be Good



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The drummer, Ansley Dunbar was a great drummer that was taylored for Zappa's music, in my opinion; very theatrical approach. Thanks for the information here.

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Wow! Look forward to this!

Ralph is a one of my favorite drummers!!



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