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Question If You Are Familiar With the Song "Tenth Pinn"

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This question is mostly for musicians. ..... The situation is this: You have hired some excellent musicians to play Boomer's song "Tenth Pinn" which has not yet been played/recorded yet. ..... What do you say to them or what instructions do you give them in order to get them to produce the sounds we hear in "Tenth Pinn"? ..... Maybe: "I mean, just give me something really psychedelic, man" or "Sound like that space probe looking at Pluto". ..... Anyway, that's my question.


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I would say to them:

"Put yourself back in that time. You
are free to be yourselves. Just be as
free as you can find each other in each
others freedom, too."

It really was about the era, in my opinion.

There was great liberty but remember the
skill that this group had, though. Milcho
was/is just over the top!

One of my favorite groups.



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