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Brush to Sticks: Artistry either way-Clayton Cameron

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I believe Clayton Cameron is modern yet preserves the essence of a classic jazz master (big band). Very high level performer - top class in my estimate. I remember him saying that all the years of playing brushes enhanced his dexterity to stick playing which notes him as a traditional jazz player.

Clayton Cameron with The Tony Bennett band. 

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A HUGE thanks for posting this! I was actually wondering
If Clayton Cameron could actually use sticks! I have NEVER
seen him use sticks before.

Thanks again!

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I have NEVER
seen him use sticks before.

Exactly D. That's what got me started in posting this interesting fact about CC. Clayton has not been noted for stick playing due to his high public recognition as merely a brush expertise, if you will. That is strange why he was so over-emphasized with the media, including drum forums like Drum World etc., as a brush player when in reality, like most normal players, we start with a pair of drum sticks! Unless of course we were unusual to think otherwise. Lol! Now isn't that interesting. Glad you recognized that fallacy to remind us of that.  I just didn't have the time to highlight that fine point in my initial post.


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Yes, Rac, I totally agree.  It's almost a stigma but not in a bad way.
I tend to think that brushes were an area that he himself chose to
thrive in and that's a good thing.  The bad part is that it seemed to
overshadow whatever abilities he has beyond the brushes.

I'm happy to see and hear that CC can get busy on both sides of the

Thanks again for posting this, my friend.

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Very welcome D. Merry Christ-mas!

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