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Rac: Segment Bytes; Conundrum and other stuff - Our Genesis

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These bytes were recorded on my Roland TD-10 edrums which at the time learning how to use it with the Conundrum Project that most of us did 10 years back. I also have some other stuff that were done between the project as well. Just fun yet serious stuff that caused a collaboration and challenged us to develop as musicians - and I will always be grateful for that season of my life. And to anyone new to this wonderful site the Conundrum chapter to the life of this forum pretty much characterizes the foundational movement, to which I believe was, of this site. It was about jazz - it was about the music for Gods sake.

There were incredible drummers hea, not knowing if there are still here, who participated in contributing so much in terms of technique, wisdom, knowledge and insight - brother Pete being just one of them...I mean that Pete, your responses to this forum was essential towards overall musicianship not to mention your finesse to the Latino rhythmic patterns! Also with due respects for my uncle Suss who, at times, lending his academical perspectives in music yet not hindering his strong groove and incredible abilities was paramount to this site. Finally, last but not least, we must never forget the ever-so-great Mr. Billy Cobham (Boomer) who was the inspiration of this site that took the medium of 21st century musical forums to a higher level. We thank you Boomer  for investing valuable time/money/energy in the production of this wonderful project that will remain and has ingrained us for a life time! - Conundrum forever!

Thanks D, you are the bomb for informing me about soundcloud! Never knew it could be that easy to load up for free!!! cheers
If I've left out anyone who contributed to the Conundrum project collaboration my apology. For time has robbed me of recall - you know who you are.

NOTE; these were just small bytes of sections being some were too long to listen but to just get the jest as to what was going on when this site was in it's beginning stages...it's Genesis! Hope you enjoy or.....not LOL!!!

Merry Christmas and a sincere regard into the New Year!!...out



Rac: Segment Bytes; Conundrum and other stuff - Our Genesis  Conund10

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Hahaha... Very cool, Rac. Fun Listening, Nice touch
and respectful sensitivity to the music.

I enjoyed listening to these... Wish they were longer.

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Yes D it was fun indeed. One of the reasons why these are short was because I was having difficulty in timing the board to record longer. Either the problem was the board or lack of knowing what to do. However, the solos on the Edrum (racjazz etc.) were recorded on the church's Roland which would allow me to go in on afternoons but was restricted in setting it up with a CD player. Those had no problem with extended recordings. These were days when I built a section of my sign shop were I spent time there going through a tough chapter in my life. I felt that Conundrum played a part towards getting me through the other side of that tunnel, thank God. Just trying to be real Smile

But thank you D for the compliment. You did some pretty cool stuff with this project yourself!

Merry Christmas!

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Actually, Rac, I never did any of Billy's mm1 projects.
Can't really tell you why. Just never got around to it.

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Oh my, I really thought you did something on Conundrum...really did. If memory serve me right, you may have been following in terms of comments on the uploads that were occurring? My apology but never the less your Youtube videos of you and your group performances were very good. I enjoyed most, if not all of them.

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Happy Resurrected Easter every1!!

Just found 3 more tidbits of the Conundrum project. This time its Cobham's Redbaron done in more of a groove fashion. I was actually inspired by my uncle Suss who really is a champion on groove. Only a minute of play time. The first two additions are only 2 sections of the longer composition on the Conundrum project called, 'Eleuthera.' My apology if I name it incorrectly. Just thought I could encourage you to try this project - it will help develop you as a musician in my opinion. Shalom (God's peace and wholness)



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