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World Weather El Nino every zone has been hit

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1 World Weather El Nino every zone has been hit on Mon Dec 28, 2015 3:16 am

Terrible Weather in USA

NYC very warm

York  in North England   which had One Months Rain in one day  flooding
Amazing  No Deaths.
UK Prime Minister sent up 700 Army Men
who saved many older people.

Yes El Nino
is effecting so much
even fish stocks have changed
due to warm waters to long

I know Billy Cobham has done Great Music on Storms
(with George Duke  & John Abercrombie)
 on his 1974  Crosswinds 24bit CD  (WEA /Atlantic)

I wonder if a Track on El  Nino
can have a Orchestra  (from a University, to save on  funding )
and a Big Band   and a
3 Electric Guitar section,
with Billy Cobham  on Drums.
Of course Funding needed
so its a dream for now.



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Hello Colin, hope your Christmas was merry.

Anyway, I feel for those people with that kind of near life-threatening climate changes. Yes, funding towards a cause of helping communities victimized by nature is a worthy and needed thing, especially these days around our planet.

However, not meaning to sound punning, but I'm bored of near-perfect, all around weather. This was taken just 5 minutes ago out the window waiting for some rain clouds. I may sound weird but I like some rain once in a while with the exception of tsunamis that has proven devastating for the life and economics of an island.

Take care,


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Thank You

I hope you and Everyone is  able to have a Break.

Cogs are Turning
Life Goes On
All Good Music is so Worthy

This is from way back in 1971

Featuring Phil Upchurch on Guitar



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