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Lenny White and "In the Butt" Bass Drum System

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Besides an incredible upright bass solo by Stanley Clark, I've always gravitated to Lenny White's performances to being innovative in approaching a solo that's his own - Lennys no cookie cutta drummer. Check out that left hand ride pattern and snare to BD coordination. Starts at around 240 on the dial. Lenny has a, excuse my vernacular, "In the Butt Kicker" attached to the bottom of his thrown. It's shown/described in the video that follows. FYI, those drums (Innovation) are custom-made with a price tag hanging around $70,000! These drums are rare to even find online and very low key due to a selective market.

Four years ago, in San Francisco, I had the pleasure of sitting the fourth row, right side of the stage, to witness the final 'Return to Forever Tour.' The sound was incredible. I could actually feel his bass drum under my chair being he sets up on to the side, in a side ways position. The video is better heard through headphones. I've learned a few things about his playing that I always for years wondered about. Being he sets up on the right side of the stage, I could now see his foot work. Anyway, back to the Butt Kicker System - Has anyone heard or even seen one before?

Lenny White's In the Butt Kicker

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Return to Forever in their last  Tour. One of the most intricate written piece that brands this once great band!

Here is one more in the funk approach. Great players as well.

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Yes I watched them Live in 2008 In London
with my Nephew.

Amazing Drumming from Lenny
even though he has a trapped Nerve injury.

And Al DiMeola performing Outstanding Electric and Acoustic Guitar.

Stanley playing Electric and Acoustic Bass to the Highest Standard

And Chick was using that Motif to recreate the 1976 Moog sound
such hard work he put into all of this project.
Fantastic Piano as well.

In the Front Row there was a group of students that
had been at other shows.



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Bring back Vertu

with Alan Holdsworth

or  Paul Jackson Jr.   on Guitar

[I tweeted  this:
arista tibb7 ‏@aristatibb7 21m21 minutes ago

Bring back   the band "Vertu"  Lenny White  & Stanley Clarke
with Alan Holdsworth
or Paul Jackson Jr. on Guitar.  If Possible Please .]




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Yes the "Butt Kicker" concept as been around for a long time.
I first heard about it on the old forum around 2002 from a member
who went by the moniker "Jazzman."

For me, beyond a good sub system, I wouldn't need to feel
anything else.

$70,000.00??!!!  No wonder they're a small drum company.

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For me, beyond a good sub system,


Hi D, when you say good 'sub system,' are you referring to what Cobham uses that sits upright just front of his bass drum? Always meant checking into that. I agree, I don't think I need to literally feel it in back as it should be around me.

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Rac, I meant just a couple of 18" sub-woofers
has always done if for me. With just a little bit
of kick placed in a nice drum monitor.

All I need.

Really nice drum solo by Lenny, btw.

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