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Quick Slick Machine; JoJo Mayer

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1 Quick Slick Machine; JoJo Mayer on Sat Feb 06, 2016 8:10 am

Some may have heard of JoJo Mayer but it's my first as I was surfing the net (another sleepless night Smile

Anyway, I found his playing similar to Steve Smith, to some point and level, but not as musical and I say that respectfully because there is a lot going on here. It gets interesting as you listen in along with the other instruments as you begin seeing the context of this particular musical genre. However, you may find his performance repetitious in that it begins to sound all the same going into other songs. But then that could be the style of this form of music. His performance is flawless, quick and slick almost machine-like.


My Take
JoJo Mayer


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