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New : Billy Cobham Hybrid SACD Spectrum 4.1 CD

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Taken  from the original Atlantic Quadraphonic Tapes
Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio
For Audio Fidelity
New Copyright 2016 Atlantic  Recording Corp.

Billy Cobham back in 2001 was the Executive Producer
of his Spectrum Quad Tapes upgraded to 6.1   DVDA  disc.
and DTS 5.1

Amazing Sound  Top Mix.

This SACD from the Quad tapes direct to 4.1
is a good mix as Billys drums are on the Front two speakers
Tommy  Bolin on Guitar  on the left rear
Jan Hammer  on Moog  on right rear.

So Tommy's Guitar is louder on this SACD
Billys Drum Intros are on all 4 speakers

It plays on  normal CD players
2 Speaker SACD players
Multi Channel SACD players

10 Outta 10  4.1 Mix



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Thank you Colin,
i'm waiting mine with a copy of "Thrust" also in sacd from the same label.Peace,Stef.

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stephane wrote:Thank you Colin,
i'm waiting mine with a copy of "Thrust" also in sacd from the same label.Peace,Stef.

Yes I have that on order , as well.
Bill Summers Percussion breaks
should be funky.
And Mike Clark Drum Intros
Paul Jackson on Bass
Bennie Maupin on Sax
Herbie on his many Keyboards.

In 4.1
Utter Bliss

Also on the Billy Cobham SACD 4.1
track one before the start has another band member speaking louder
then Bill Laughs.

On the 2001 Mastered Billy Cobham DVDA 6.1 & DTS 5.1 duel disc its to low in volume
so Bills laugh is first then the one note Moog
before 1 2 3........



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Just received  the 4.1 SACD
of Herbie Hancock  1974 "Thrust"

Mastered for SACD  by Kevin Gray

Love Mike Clark's Drum Intro
on Front 2 Speakers and a bit on rear speakers
and Bill Summers Percussion Breaks
with Cow Bells  on the Back Right Speaker
Congas on the Front 2  Speakers.

I am Glad Herbie
had 2 recordings in Quadraphonic LP, back then,
the 1973  was done onto a 5.1 SACD by Sony.

Utter Bliss  Sound Mix


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