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The Kit I'm using with my new band, "Flow."

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1 The Kit I'm using with my new band, "Flow." on Mon Apr 18, 2016 4:26 pm

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Nice Pedals (is one of them from Bill?)
Like The Roland Pads
does it have Tablas?

Great Mix of a Kit



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Thanks, Colin. None of the pedals are from Bill.
And the Roland TD-6 setup does have Tabla patches.
I will be adding more electronics pads soon. Along with
Roland SPD-S Sample unit and a Roland SPD-20 Sound

I also have another pedal hooked to my Kat kick pad.
Just waiting to get another rack system before incorporating
all this into the drum kit.

Thanks again.

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Thats Great
Tablas are great for a break
in a track
as its Distinctive sounding.



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Very cool kit D. Is this what was posted on FB? Love your practice room? That's my kind of man cave with all the gear needed! Regarding the second picture; The space between the right digital pad and that right ride cymbal looks a bit tight. I guess you have a way of approaching coming into that area doing a roll. Will you be YouTubing any clips of you and your new band? By the looks of your kit, it sounds like some form of fusion maybe?

Thanks for sharing your kit here...awesome!

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Hi, Rac,

Sorry for the delay. I've been kinda busy and haven't been
on the computer in a number of days now. The area between
the pad and cymbal isn't that bad, though it could be better.
All this is going on a rack system pretty soon which will make
them a lot more accessible while reducing the footprint.

I also have more electronics to add. Youtube clips are coming.
As to the music?... You be the judge when you hear it.

Thank you and Colin both for your comments of encouragement.

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Right, placing those drums on a rack system opens more real estate for the toms. You've got such a strong funk-groove am sure the band has a solid foundation to work with in producing a great style. Take care and God bless your endeavors!

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