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England Predicted to have Another Female Prime Minister

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Theresa  May is her Name
She is a Strong Lady.

The next General Election is May 2020
Fixed 5 year term
She will take over from David Cameron in around 8 weeks or so

We in England after 2 years , get out of the EU (European Union)
and get more Control  over Workers entering
Like a  Green Card.

Scotland   is saying they refuse
so they can go off on their own
and joining the  €  money.

But as it stands Today
Once our new Elected Prime Minister
hands over the "50"   special Contract
the UK is set to leave the EU  in 2 years from when she hands it over.

The Daily Show  (26th and 28th  of June) in the USA and shown over here
described it in a funny way

I hope   World Musicians will Tour now
before we change things

I  have picked some Music for this Change of Great Britain
has a Great Drummer on it.
And has the Man that worked on that recording
then went onto
Engineer  ["Ken Scott"]
Billy Cobham's 1973 Hit First Recording

Can any of you pick Music for Our UK Events?




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Full Steam Ahead

Theresa May   New British Prime Minister
On Wednesday  July 13th 2016

Our 2nd Lady PM

Come on you lot
lets have some Music........



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