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Boomer 1974 Tenth Pinn London...Awesome Video Quality

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Incredible as expected from Cobham, always. Thanks for that video.

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I remember using cable snares
for that tight Boomer sound and
trying to emulate our hero.

It was incredible time and I think
and incredible incarnation of his
band. The is nothing like it, now
and there was nothing like it: then.

Simply historic.



To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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Thats Great Quality Video
I wish it could come out on DVD or BluRay.



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I saw him three times live in that era.
The one thing about Boomer is that he really made you woodshed.
I was grateful for the opportunity to see him in the 70's.

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This is excellent stuff. ..... My comment is that these days there is a little less emphasis on speed/power and a little more emphasis on complex/clever arrangements. ..... Two examples of this (there are more) are the songs "Red Baron" and "Stratus". ..... Compare the version of these two on the 1973 "Spectrum" with the version on the 2012 "Live at Jazzfestival Leverkusen". ..... All have great drumming, etc. but the arrangements on the later work are more sophisticated and, at least to my ear, are VERY nice.


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