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A review from Ronnie Scott's in London

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1 A review from Ronnie Scott's in London on Tue Sep 06, 2016 10:34 pm

Very nice review of one of the gigs. New album Tierra del Fuego in the works ? Rock on Boomer !


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2 Re: A review from Ronnie Scott's in London on Thu Sep 08, 2016 3:39 am

[There’s always a degree of apprehension in going to see a
musical “legend”, particularly one you hold in great respect.
I first saw fusion drummer Billy Cobhamat London’s Roundhouse
in 1981, when he sat god-like on a raised stage, surrounded
by his massive kit. Then, it was all about power performance.
Thirty-five years later, he’s back in London with music from
his three most recent albums and a new one,Tierra del Fuego,
that’s still in development. From the palpable excitement,
you could tell that the gig is an annual treat for many fans.
And of course, he can still cut it. From the first few
rock-funk bars of “Mirage”, from 2010’s Palindrome,
to the complex, driving “Tales from the Skeleton Coast”,
Cobham played with the mastery of experience — superbly tight yet relaxed,
still inquisitive and in the moment. At 72 he looks fit as
a fiddle: age has not diminished his playing or his composition.]

taken From the FT review  by Alison Gunn , just first paragraph,  [Pay Paper]
will remove if the FT get angry,

I buy the FT paper, most days
prefer it to online.



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