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REPORTING LIVE; Corea Trio Blue Note Hawaii

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1REPORTING LIVE; Corea Trio Blue Note Hawaii Empty REPORTING LIVE; Corea Trio Blue Note Hawaii on Thu Sep 22, 2016 3:55 pm

Last night I had the pleasure/oppertunity of sitting along edge of stage, just back of new gen. phenominal Brian Blade here at the Blue Note Waikiki, Hawaii region and it was fabulous! I rarely come here but being that Chick was scheduled accompanied with Eddie Gomez on upright and drummer, Brian Blade it was a no-brainer for me to be there last night!  cheers  cheers  cheers  cheers  cheers  bounce

NOTE: If anyone knows how I may be able to upload my personal video recording from my iPhone, I would appreciate that.

I also managed a 2 minute video until I was asked to stop recording Smile But I do have pictures. It was an incredible evening of pure bliss and learned simply by watching the intricacy and dynamical touch of Mr. Brian Blade...one of a kind. There were times where he was actually nudging his cymbals (intentionally) partly with his fist combined with the tip of his stick. Stick size was fairly heavy considering the genre but none the less he was...outstanding!! It produces that muffled sound, just enough to project without being overbearing on Chicks and Gomez's solos. If you ever listen-in on Blades style of pulliing sounds from a vintage Gretsch jazz kit, you wonder "how does he sound like that?" then seeing him live visually explains it all together - an experience that will be with me forever also my approaching playing jazz!! - Wonderful and dynamical musician who has always been overdue in being recognized as a new gen pioneer in the industry!

REPORTING LIVE; Corea Trio Blue Note Hawaii Blue_n11

REPORTING LIVE; Corea Trio Blue Note Hawaii Blue_n10

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Nice Racman!
I saw him in Paris a few years ago with Wayne Shorter ,John Patitucci and Danilo Perez,and it was as you said fabulous.A great drummer for sure!Peace,Stef

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Hi Steph, yes indeed that was also a great line up of musicians just as well. Thanks!!

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Thats great you have a Blue Note club there, Rac
I hope they had time for a break
or was it fly onto next gigs?



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Hi Colin,
It was a great club-concert for sure but I was hoping I could have some pictures along with them but after the encore song, they simply bowed and head back into the security area. It may have been the word of mouth that they may be gigging soon on Maui which is just a 20-minute flyover from Oahu which is the island this concert is at the time.
However, Chick is scheduled with the Electric Band in LA in October. So Hawaii is a nice stop over before ending a tour. Most bands plan it that way. Blue Note Hawaii appears to be doing well and is enticing more notable musicians to come perform here in the not so distant future. As Hawaii is regaining her visitation internationally, we can once again have the market for jazz like she did in back in the early 70s' through 80s' and that's a very good thing! Thanks for asking.

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Thanks for that great
update, Racman!

Brian really is special.
I saw him, years ago,
with Herbie and Wayne.
He was fabulous. A
signature player and
isn't that what we all
long for?

Great reading.



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Hi Pete, hope all is well. I've been working in overdrive past 6 months. But yes, I agree that signature touch on the drums is something any drummer who appreciates jazz would make it a goal.

Thank you. Cool

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I watched some recent footage
of Steve Gadd with Chick and
had also had the fortune of see-
ing him with Eric Clapton on his
'final' tour. I noticed that he was
playing differently than what
I expected with Chick and I do
believe it is something that is
just natural.

REPORTING LIVE; Corea Trio Blue Note Hawaii Ecsg7x

REPORTING LIVE; Corea Trio Blue Note Hawaii Mqdefault

When we are constantly, night
in and night out called upon to
do - to play on the beat, it rubs
off on you and becomes pat-
terned in your playing. It is
just what you are used to do-
ing and I suggest that as we
get older - we just tend to
keep doing it.

We can get tired. We can get
comfortable. A lot can happen
to us to influence this. We do
know it is in them (us) but it
is just not called on night in
and night out and therefore
it does not come out easily.

The Eric gig was sooo long
and touch on the body.

REPORTING LIVE; Corea Trio Blue Note Hawaii Brian_blade_01_mantova2008

I see Brian Blade and one
of the most important 'voices'
in drums today.

Incidentally, I would not ask
Brian to play for Eric.



To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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