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Hawaii's equivalent to Woodstock_1970s

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1 Hawaii's equivalent to Woodstock_1970s on Tue Oct 25, 2016 8:03 pm

Better results on the URL address at the bottom of post.

These concerts were during the 70s once every 1st day of January to kick of the years (site address below). It all happened inside a dead volcano called Diamond Head. Eventually the military and the state ended these concerts due to people trashing the place. Late 60s' to early 80s' Hawaii's economy was on the boom in the tourist industry as well as attracting many hippies and various religious groups that were associated with that generation. Many have become locals by deciding to live here now having straight jobs of course. I made at least two of them with my co-op family (pictured below) I lived with during my rebellious teen years LOL!!! That was taken just before leaving to one of these concerts.

Thought I share some rare footage of what was happening during my high school days. Artists were literally flown in by way of choppers and small cessna aircrafts which made it easier than driving up the roadway - too many people flowing in and out. Was fun days just prior to when jazz players starting to come in as well.


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