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A Young Black Trombone School player at the Trump gig

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A school   from Mississippi  is at Washington DC
for the President Trump .

I like this Trombone / Bigger Horn kid
He said to John Kay   for BBC1HD UK and BBCAmericaHD  
that He is gong to play with his band and its for him.

Thats what matters.

Is so Dumb
of some USA Stars saying Never for Trump
forget him,
Its Worldwide playback
it does not mean you support Trump
but you get paid in Cash if you like,
and More people around the World   know you are Quality.

I fully understand the Battles in USA
but Trump Won without any Russia Help,

Bill Clinton asked Hilary to tour the Rust bucket zones
the Dumb democrats said NO.

Hilary  should not have gone for that job.
thats the Point ,

Trump was Vile against her
but she fell into his TRAP
calling Trump Supporters    Terrible names
what the Feck was she thinking?

If you are asked to Perform for Trump
take the GIG  and the CASH
Politics  are for OTHERS



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