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New UK Big Special Magazines £9:99 covering all years

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I went into WH Smith  Newsagent and Store  in the Railway Station
there was  a Ultimate Guide To Paul McCartney  £9.99

Went back the next Day all 50 got SOLD
I was Shocked
and worried I will not get one
Found one copy in another Railway Station WH Smiths store.
Lucky me.

Around 1980, 1982
Paul and George  Martin
Hired Stanley Clarke   and Steve Gadd
for Pipes of Piece.
Big Budget LP's
as Paul a great member  of the Beatles.

Its a WH Smith   UK  Special Copy

Exclusive   Sold in Busy WH Smith  Stores in UK
WH SMITH also supply all other     UK stores.

So Sad to see "The Drummer " UK  Mag close a few years ago
it had Billy Cobham   on the Front Cover in Smart Business Clothes
I managed to find a back copy.

WH SMITH   now want   stores to only Sell what they can sell
No returns etc.
Cost   Effective

But all these Big Thick £9:99 Mags Sell Out Fast

I hope  they do a Billy Cobham / Lenny White / The Late Alphonse Mouzon/ Narada /Ndugu
Edition in this £9:99, Special Editions

As those 3  first  drummers connect   in the Jazz - Rock Fusion World.
So much More than any other Drummers.
And the Great Late  Tommy Bolin
and Doug Rauch  are with   Billy and Lenny  and Alphonse LP's
The Great late Alphonse Mouzon   also played with the Late  Jaco on Al  DiMeola's LP
Mahavishnu  Orchestra ,  Return To Forever   and the 11th House   all played in one long gig
in USA  and UK   back in the Early 70's.

Narada Michael Walden is important as his 1st LP
is Amazing  and of course sat behind Billy Cobham
as he was playing in the final Mahavishnu Gigs  (ref : from Billy Cobhams DVDA /DTS Spectrum WEA special edition )
And then Narada  learnt from  other Top Producers
to become a Big Shot Producer for Aretha Franklin , and many stars.

Ndugu Chancler also became a Cool Producer/ Drummers /Percussionist
he was in Santana band 1976
when Dave Rubinson  was the TOP CBS Producer.
Who had that Cool Engineer Fred Catero.
Mid 1980's  Ndugu took over as Drummer with  the  Crusaders band.
And on a Ronnie Foster  2nd CBS LP  track "feet"
Dennis Davis is on Drums   ,
Ndugu on Timbales and Cow Bells
Fantastic break.

Also Ndugu  informed us in a Drum Mag
he was the 2nd Drummer on Marvin Gaye's  1972 Trouble Man LP
with Stix Hooper also on Drums.



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