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Jason Brown in High Gear; the Joey DeFrancesco Trio

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One of the tightest drummers in the business, Jason Brown who makes up the Joey DeFrancesco Trio. Just a fabulous trio in my estimate. Show opens with a tune that goes into Brown's solo in high gear starting around 7.30 on the dial. Though I highly recommend hearing it in it's entirety to get the overall feel, challenge and intricate composition. However, I'm thinking coming out of the solo there may have been a slight hesitation that caused an unwanted space. Never the less, he skillfully harnesses those drifting pieces for closure that was well deserving the applause. And of course, Joey DeFrancesco along with guitar extraordinary, Dan Wilson makes for a monster of a trio!

Just an incredibly tight trio in my estimate. Loved it and hope you do as well. So sit back with your favorite drink, head set and relax and let them do the driving..... enjoy the ride!

The Joey DeFrancesco Trio  cheers  cheers  cheers  cheers

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Whoaaaa really enjoying this . . . fantastic drumming. I've been checking out the live feeds from Lincoln Center on Facebook, quite a generous offering and very frequent, especially cool to see and hear it live.

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