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From Motown...to Marcus Miller

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1From Motown...to Marcus Miller Empty From Motown...to Marcus Miller on Wed Sep 27, 2017 3:14 am

If there was anyone in the music industry that's rooted in R&B and it's tradition to groove would have to be non other than basses extraordinare...Marcus Miller. However, complimenting Marcus in holding it all down and grooving it has to be a drummer that knows and respects the legacy of Motown and that is, Alex Bailey - very discipline young musician with a kick that nails it tight and a snare that keeps that two and four prominent when traditional R&B calls for it. Around 12 on the dial is where Alex Bailey demonstrates his innate sense of pulse throughout an epic solo then coming in for the landing on the two and four. Over all a great band. And in my opinion, MM carries the DNA of Motown - a byproduct of musical genius that characterizes that era then to what it is today.

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