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An Evening with Crosswinds: Blue Note Hawaii

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1An Evening with Crosswinds: Blue Note Hawaii Empty An Evening with Crosswinds: Blue Note Hawaii on Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:16 am

As promised and welcome to my neck of the woods.

There really is no real words, in my opinion, that adequately describes the level of musicianship that Mr. Bill Cobham (Boomer) whom revolutionized drumming to the world of fusion music - and indeed he is renown to great legend.  If words need be then the show tonight was fantastic and Boomer was shining ever so bright with wonderful compositions textured with intricate patterns and intricate syncopations that is characteristic. The phase of aging has only strengthen his sensitivity and approach which I believe where that perpetuated harnessing of power has now come to evolve - beautiful performance of pure artistry, professionalism and a undeniable Cobham presence.  Some familiar pieces were added at the end (Red Baron, Stratus etc.) and of course with fresh post arrangements and new material with his Crosswinds band. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Thank you Boomer for taking time to sign CDs along with my drum head! It was an honor to have finally meet you in the flesh after all years pass!! You're welcome here anytime sir in my part of the woods...Oh, btw...you look great in the aloha shirt! Thank you for being an ingrained influence in my early years of development as a drummer...

God continued blessings sir and you are in my prayers;


An Evening with Crosswinds: Blue Note Hawaii Boomer17

An Evening with Crosswinds: Blue Note Hawaii Boomer18

An Evening with Crosswinds: Blue Note Hawaii Boomer19

An Evening with Crosswinds: Blue Note Hawaii Boomer20

An Evening with Crosswinds: Blue Note Hawaii Boomer21

An Evening with Crosswinds: Blue Note Hawaii Boomer22

An Evening with Crosswinds: Blue Note Hawaii Boomer26

An Evening with Crosswinds: Blue Note Hawaii Boomer25

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Great Photos

Glad you had a Great Night
with the Billy Cobham Band.



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Hello Racman and everyone here on the site: I believe that the last time I played Hawaii was 1973........ I could be wrong. Nonetheless, it was a great experience and hopefully, not the last time that I will have an opportunity to perform in that venue or in the the state of Hawaii. If I can I will bring my own drums as the equipment available there is not at a standard that I am comfortable with.
The Crosswinds project is a work in progress and I am comfortable, as I have said before with the musical steps that we are taking. I am anxious to experience where we are this time next year and will be only too happy to share our experiences with everyone. So, stay tuned everybody. Boomer

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Hi Boomer being it's been a very long time ago as to whether or not you performed here in Hawaii and I would say absolutely yes. If memory serves me right it was either one or the other main concert facilities and they are as follows; The Waikiki Shell or the Blaisdell Center. It may have been with the Mahavishnu Orchestra or your own band accompanying with George Duke? - mid to late 1970s' both evening concerts.

Maybe the pictures below may help. But thanks for coming to the Blue Note Hawaii region. I really enjoyed it and it will be a memorable one at that.

Waikiki Shell

An Evening with Crosswinds: Blue Note Hawaii Waikik10

Blaisdell Center
An Evening with Crosswinds: Blue Note Hawaii Blaisd10

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5An Evening with Crosswinds: Blue Note Hawaii Empty The last time I played Hawaii prior to 2018 on Tue Mar 27, 2018 9:41 pm

Hi Racman:
Sorry but, I don't remember these venues. It has been a very long time so anything is possible. Thanks for making the effort showing me them but they don't ring a bell.

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Here is some video from the show, seems like a rare use of one bass drum with a double pedal?
Maybe Tama couldn't get the two bass drums to Hawaii.

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Great Quality Video

Cheers Drumman



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Not sure as to why two bass drums were not available if that's the reason. But more likely drums used were from a mainline music store called Easy Music. They are the exclusive Tama licensed distributor (Hawaii) and have been for years so again, I don't understand why not having 24" bass drums accessible for Boomer. I'll check with the store sometime next week to see if they actually were the providers for this concert and if so I'll question them and keep you up on it.

I did notice that the band also had issues with the sound system. Boomer waved to the control section to resolve it but by his expression, seemed of no avail. However, on the audience end it sounded alright but I can imagine for the band may have been a distraction. Never the less, it all turned out to be a great performance in my opinion.

BTW, I've been informed that no cameras of any kind were permitted. So having this vid is unusual.

Thanks drumman for your response.

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It looks really strange to me seeing Billy behind a single kick setup. LOL!

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Saw this show at the Birchmere just outside of Washington, D.C. ..... Excellent, excellent, excellent. ..... Can someone give me an (approximate) song list? ..... I remember Pleasant Pheasant, Heather, Crosswinds, Red Baron, and Stratus, but others I can't recall. ..... Some that I've never heard before were the best ones of the night. ..... Anyway, a great time.


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I am so happy for you,
Racman and you truly
deserve it after all these

What a revolutionary album!
There are few albums that
deserve that term (FUSION).
This is truly one of them -
bringing the incredible
sincerity of Jazz and Rock
together but Boomer laying
the groundwork of a drummer
revolution and I am so glad
to have been influenced by it!

It must have been the best
night for you! I am so happy!

Loved the video/audio. We are
talking history!!



To the father of us, all - Billy Cobham!
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