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The Evangelist of Great Playing; Will Kennedy

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1The Evangelist of Great Playing; Will Kennedy Empty The Evangelist of Great Playing; Will Kennedy on Sat Jul 07, 2018 11:42 pm

The Evangelist of Great Playing; Will Kennedy Will_k10

One of the most useful, intelligent drum clinics amongst an array of hard hitting chop players, Will Kennedy has set himself apart not only as a hard hitter, if need be, but more so an exceptional and extraordinary, gifted musician among this generation of drummers. His evangelist, tutor-like knowledge grafted into years of musical experience (Yellow Jackets to name a few), brings to the pulpit (platform) a clinic like no other. I say like an evangelist who proclaims the truth in regards to music that it's "not about chops" but the pulse, groove and feel of history and culture of the music that makes for a great musician if one accepts that level of revelation. Don't take his intro to his simplifying the basics lightly but stay with it as it progresses into more complex yet thought provoking concepts evolving from feels and historical rhythms that inspired the most successful players yesterday and today on the kit. A renown advent funk player of Oakland, or as he spells it...phunk player, he then demonstrates his musical world view and how it all meshes into what becomes of Will Kennedy today.

Get into a comfortable chair, headset and favorite drink then take the journey into what is the ground work and essence of great playing. Will Kennedy

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