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Stanley Clarke Band The Massage CD

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1Stanley Clarke Band    The Massage   CD Empty Stanley Clarke Band The Massage CD on Sun Aug 05, 2018 9:33 am

New 24bit CD
Mack Avenue Records
Stanley Clarke Band    The Massage   CD E8fa991bc1d3d8c5647dc9b8f32f9409

Stanley Clarke  - Bass , Acoustic bass , Talk box.
Cameron Graves  - Synthesizers
Beka Gochiashvili - Acoustic Piano
Mike Mitchel - Drums

Salar Nadar  - Tablas
Michael Thompson - Guitar
Doug Webb -  Sax , Flutes
Chuck Findley - Trumpets
and other Musicians  and Singers

[The band entered ICP Studios in Belgium and recorded an abundance
of material. Clarke returned to his home in Los Angeles with the tapes
and began to tinker. “Once I got the raw material, I fleshed it out.
My ability is to orchestrate and arrange.
I’m very good with taking anything and turning it into something.”]

From his site:


10 Outta  10
Great Band
To me JazzRockFusion  at its Best.



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