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The Rudy Vaughn Band

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1 The Rudy Vaughn Band on Sat Jun 20, 2009 12:14 pm

Hi Guys,

Hyperlinks that appear broken require that you copy and paste the entire URL into your medis player. The links are not broken, but simply truncated/cut -off by the mis standards of platforms.

Re: http://www.myspace.com/rudyvaughn

I posted this abstract on MySpace after seeing live on Atlanta TV, and hearing the results of the efforts of a band-mate of mine with his new crew winning a recent USA national band competition.

Rudy Vaughn is a band-mate of mine with the Atlanta based Guild of Sound. I remember that when I first met Rudy Vaughn, he was balancing his privacy with public performances. Honestly, I remember fighting for him among a burgeoning, now in hiatus, group of folks who thought he was too young and too uninitiated with older guys that he was would work with. I seem to remember that it was Don Klayman (bass) who recommended him to the Guild. So much more the old folks, huh? I fought for Rudy and he became a member of the Guild. Now the Guild, though alive, must create a whole new view on Vistas. I am in the Mix as a founding member of The Guild of Sound. We are HotLantans from Atlanta, Georgia/USA.

Now some five years later, Rudy is on his Way, and the nourishment comes from the root, not among the leaves. Just let the entire plant Breath. Why must this shit take so long when the resources are clearly in our face? Somebody sit at my Stool Please! You just might learn something. This is no laughing matter.

I’m so proud of this guy that I’m beside myself! I’m posting here to echo what is evident. I’m posting here to encourage anyone with the same flow as we shall experience with each other, if allowed, even suffered with a world view.] What you will, or not, read below is from Suss – whether “unc,” or just a person reaching out with a positive view. Rudy is the image playing the sax. The rest of the band is as I’ve posted earlier over the years.

Rudy has EVERY idea of how I am so proud of him since first meeting, rehearsing and working with him on stage as far back as 2004 with Atlanta’s Guild of Sound. He is a multifaceted individual [a true Gift to those who have yet to witness/experience]. Rudy’s future in the Arts (and Artforms) is only balanced by how well he embraces the eventful occurrences (both positive & negative) that will yet happen for him and his crew beyond Hyde Park, London: when he will open for Bruce Springsteen and The Dave Matthews Band. Now that’s a ticket to purchase. Those who know me, already know that I’m multi-cultural when the Artforms are involved. I’m even multi-cultural when cuisine is considered. Yum! LOL!

I encouraged Rudy to stay focused and handle the Music Business properly; not just the music business, but the business of fidelity to his purpose in Life when leaving no one behind at best business/personal practices. Sadly, I admit, it wasn’t until 1982 for me to recognize this Principle. Rudy respects me; and I respect him. More broadly, and broadcast, I’m simply still a student in Life, as he will become.

Have any of us learned so much that we cannot be taught at the feet of those who teach? Have any of our life experiences brought us to submission where another can steal our dreams and stifle our expectations with the dreams they never sowed? I think not. Our Dreams are our Destiny. I thank you Billy Cobham, musically and supportively speaking. Never let anyone steal your Dreams is what you said to me personally. We are all drifters in changing tides and circumstances – yet we must adhere to Integrity.

I now must convey that we all sojourners here for a time in space, however appreciative we seek to be with each other. In my view, there are some things that are simply out of our personal control. This is the balance I seek in my Life while having a sure Footing. This is the Conundrum in my personal life, while leaving no one behind.

http://www.johnsussewell.com/ConundrumWithBillyCobham&Suss!-2003.mp3 [Conundrum/Warner Bros.]

Rudy and I spoke about this on the phone a few days ago. I know he’ll do it! I sincerely hope those who read and respond here do so without the jokes – particularly Woofus [there is more to you than meets the eye Keith]. Yet kindly respect that on this Day, this is serious to me because I feel that over the last 15 years I’ve sown a seed into a very gifted and talented persons. Nuff said, while taking no credit for what is chosen to do with evidence. I applaud Rudy and understand that though time changes, people do not unless we are open to more opportunities with Promise.

For me to say "Congratulations" to Rudy Vaughn seems inadequate to me. Rudy and I shared (by phone only a few days ago (June 17, 2009) that when finding oneself in the expectations of voracious listeners seeking to be entertained, so many demands are placed upon servants/ministers/musicians to be there, and alone scheduling just to get us musicians to be there – and on time Thank You! LOL!

Both Rudy and I didn’t need to go beyond this point (however much we laughed at experiences), except to say that people are drawn to the water. People want to drink because they are thirsty - because we ALL are thirsty for the needs and necessity On Time. Rudy will attest to the fact that I am always on time well before the overtures. After all, well before the overture, I have the most equipment to haul without roadies.

We ALL deal with scheduling and public scrutiny when performances/results are expected. Rudy is dealing with this now in his sector, as I have so many times over in the past – and even now I deal with in a different arena. Those who truly know Suss, know why I say for anyone else with footsteps.

For me to say "keep your eyes on the horizon" also seems inadequate to me with Rudy in mind. Rather, I encouraged him to think in terms of the most efficient and effectual route taken to get there “with others in mind.” I have left no one behind simply because when I was pastoring (with the Word) or ministering behind my instrument (Drums), my dogma was to dig deep for the true water and leave no one behind when seeking that Well!

Rudy is my real-time friend in the flesh – when it comes to music, we are “hand-in-glove.” We’ve honed our crafts and performed together on the same stage many times since 2004. He’s now going his route without me feeling I’m left behind. I’m serious – and I think a lesson to be learned for others not in tune with either the key signature or meter of music.

The last time I played with Rudy on stage was last Fall, 2008. This was for the Catalyst Conference at the Gwinnett Civic Center [Duluth, GA] – packed to capacity with 12,000 people. I had to take off from work with permission, just to make sure my Balance among my personal priorities is straight and on point – and without stress.

And I am so thankful when I pick up my sticks behind a ‘kit,’ somehow the Spirit of God Himself evidences what can happen when we are open to the Oil that refreshes, rather than ravages. If only the atheists and agnostics would recognize this Reality when allowing (suffering) themselves to be taught this Anointing, and allowing it to flow.

PSALMS 133:1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
PSALMS 133:2 It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments;
PSALMS 133:3 As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for

This IS the very axiom of Reconciliation and spectrum of what I’m about with others in mind; and why I allow (suffer) the abuses so many today levy against each other around the world these daze. We may not be as “perfect” as gems treasured among men, but we are “perfect” (complete) in Him. If only others among other mind-sets would bring themselves to look beyond “institutionalized slavery/ministry,” and see the liberty of what it means to serve the only one and Living God.

Please allow the Spirit of the Living God to forgive you first, then come to the fountain of the One who forgives you regardless of whether you forgive yourself. The God that I know cleanse his fish AFTER he catches them. Then, and only then, will you have the capacity to forgive yourself in the light of His Truth. There are no politics involved here. These politics are already reconciled – and I don’t care what Faith, or lack of it, you lay hold to. Yet I do care about you in this scenario. I MOST CERTAINLY DO CARE, because the Spirit is upon anyone who accepts responsibility and accountably.

If you can’t tap into what I’m merely a messenger of, then its your fault.

I love You Guys and am Bold (while humbled) when Saying it. The Evidence speaks for itself – even in the courtroom that is both now and yet to be seen. We All are being sifted.

Just be real Guys - and allow what I’ve taken the time to write to somehow fill the voids in all of what we think are quiet and hidden spaces. Take it from me, there are no quiet and hidden spaces with what you’ll discover when making personal what is now institutionalized. Go for the Inspiration and you’ll know what I am still learning – with Fruit toward the Harvest.

With Respect & Agapeo Love,


I will not resign myself to obscurity... I have already won with the Victory. The problem is others are still in a war that they cannot win by any means; unless trust is placed in something and Some one far greater than those wth Skin. Just plant your seed and see what harvest it brings. I'm in the field with Rudy... yet, more improtantly, I'm among those who seek the Only Harvest.

P.S. For the benefit of our MySpace Community, Rudy is playing sax on this tune entitled "Conception" written by Steve Freeman, a Guild of Sound member. I've long had permission from Steve Freeman to upload this and, in fact, just spoke with Steve earlier this week. The Guild of Sound is clearly one of the most inspiring groups I've ever had the privilege to work with [and I’ve done a thing or ten]. Yet there are priorities in Life that cause us to navigate a different route toward the horizon of our Dreams. Rudy is at the Conception/beginning of his career that will bless many people worldwide with both the complexity and simplicity of virtuosity. Be virtuous, since the Victory has already been won. ! (whew!)


P.P.S Perhaps without the usual recants of jokes... please consider that this a very serious time in MY life. I sincerely request that you consider what I've offered ovver the years, instead of coming back wiquick quips and I'm thinking about everyting I've every thougt about. Pleaase respect this. coming from me..

Boomer, You only opened the door to my future.
The Doorr was already opened for me elsewhere. Selah!

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