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video medley of two Tull songs

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1 video medley of two Tull songs on Mon Mar 29, 2010 7:56 pm

This is also from the same gig 3/4/10 . Both Tim Curtin's Parker Fly and Mark Hitt's Ed Roman guitars have settings enabling them to sound acoustic or electric as they wish so they both had their acoustic sound going on this one.

It's Thick as a Brick into Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day both by Jethro Tull. time was just going to do them acoustically and have us sit out but I did some embellisment with the mallets and then the rute' . I made two slight boo boo's on Skating but dem's da breaks ! LOL

Again please be patient with the download. and hope you like them. Especially you Spanky !


Peace, TED

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2 Re: video medley of two Tull songs on Fri May 07, 2010 7:19 pm

Looking forward to seeing this, Ted. My computer at work can handle this file, but the one at home would crash (not enough RAM). These aren't just two of my favorite Tull songs, but favorite songs in general. Recently found amazing 1977 footage on youtube of these two and will email them to you. I think they may be the finest documentation of the work of Barrie Barlow. They were touring Songs From The Wood and the band was at their zenith. Amazing version of Hunting Girl, too. Oh well, here it is; you can find the rest of them from the date here, too.

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3 Re: video medley of two Tull songs on Fri May 07, 2010 10:51 pm

Thanks Keith. We played those two songs again last week and they came out even better and longer but I can't post anything right now. Hope you like what we did. Sorry they are so big but if I make them smaller, they look like crap.

Peace, TED

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4 Re: video medley of two Tull songs on Wed May 12, 2010 10:43 pm

Okay , after private e-mail consultation and gentle persuasion from the esteemed Woofus and Chispa , I transferred the newer Tull medley we played on 4/29 and used a much, much smaller file. It will download quickly, I promise. However , the video quality is less than stellar. The audio still sounds pretty good, though.

I wish I could make small files that look good. I'm still experimenting with other formats. This one will open up to full screen, though the smaller you keep it, the better it looks.

Anyway I wanted Keith to be able to see these as they are 2 of his favorite songs. and I also want Spanky and Pete, two other great Tull fans to check them out. this is a medley of Thick as a Brick and Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day.

Missing the intro, and people bang into the camera, but what can I do - I'm behind the drumset ! LOL A friend straightened it out but basically I just set it up, focused it, and sat down and played. It is what it is, right ! LOL

Enjoy. Peace, TED

If the video is watchable, I can put up some more songs as well, They upload much quicker at this size.


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5 Re: video medley of two Tull songs on Thu May 13, 2010 10:12 am

Much, much better. Thank you for knowing me well enough to know when I'm being cruel. monkey

You are very fortunate to have opportunity to play these gems with these musicians (and they with you). Enjoyable sound. I'd like to hear more funky syncopation in Skating, but that comes with repetition playing the song . . . that would really drive the band and the girls wild.

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6 Re: video medley of two Tull songs on Thu May 13, 2010 12:07 pm

I'll take watching them with this video quality over the ten minute download time any time, Ted. As Woof said, "much better."
Besides, nobody wants to get a clear look at that ugly puss of yours anyway... You know I'm kidding. Wink

As you probably know, this is not my first choice of music. But that doesn't keep me from recognizing how well you guys do what you do. I must also say, Ted that you add a very tasty flavor to the band. I can hear that you're listening and that your goal is to enhance the unit as a whole. This kind of playing comes with time and experience. I can see the same kind of experienced playing when I watch woof's clips.

Just cause you have chops doesn't mean you have "touch", which to me only means having a certain sensitivity to the song, the music, your fellow players and then being able to convey that sensitivity through what you do on your instrument...

And what amazes me most is you do all this with your rack toms really close together... lol!

Nice Job, man!


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7 Re: video medley of two Tull songs on Thu May 13, 2010 12:16 pm

Thanks Don and Keith ! I appreciate the compliments and especially the ball-busting ! A true sign of love.

Thanks Don for liking what I do - I don't have the greatest chops [ as you do ] , so I try to compensate by keeping good time and playing appropriate fills. In those tunes, Tim wanted to do them as acoustic sounding as possible so we kept it as simple sounding as possible.

I will try and move the toms closer together for you ! LOL But I like to waste energy having to reach for them. LOL

and I will post some more in this format since that makes it easier for you guys to download. See the next post !

Peace, TED

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8 Re: video medley of two Tull songs on Thu May 13, 2010 12:40 pm

I've heard some of the fusion stuff among other things you've done in the past, Ted and I think you have great chops. My point is, chops mean nothing if they don't fit with what's going on. And believe me, I hear a LOT of that as I'm sure you do. I'd rather be able to be part of what makes the band work and not have any chops at all. You are sensitive to the desires and needs of the music and your fellow players. That's harder to comprehend than most realize.

You got it, man. and you know how to make it work.

And you do know that I'm only ribbing you about the toms, right? Do yo thang, T.B. king

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9 Re: video medley of two Tull songs on Thu May 13, 2010 1:07 pm

I totally agree with Don, especially about the tight tom-tom cleavage.

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